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Top 10 Most Popular Socialist Leaders around the World

There are countless socialist leaders in human history. These have had been distinctive and different persons from that of presidents and prime ministers like Margaret Thatcher, Roosevelt, Ronald Regan, George Bush, Obama etc. Explore the list of top 10 most popular socialist leaders around the world.

Most Popular Socialist Leaders around the World

10. Che Guevara

One of the most famous symbols of rebellion, Che needs no introduction. His famous Motorcycle Diaries has been read by all history lovers. He was a passionate socialist, and a man behind various reforms in the history of the world.

Che Guevara

9. Salvador Allende

Salvador Allende was the man who brought some revolutions in Chile. His administration was closely followed by that of Pinochet, which is one of the autocratic of all time. Salvador was a man who loved to bring changes in the political systems.

Salvador Allende

8. Dilma Rousseff

Brazil has never seen such a marvelous and brave man eve. Dilma Rousseff was a famous leader. Shee used to work hard for the betterment of the country. Various notable scholars and political analysts alike took interest in the internal and foreign policies undertaken by Dilma.

Dilma Rousseff

7. Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro is another famous and marvelous socialist of the history. This name has become synonymous with Cuba. He fought with feudal lords to run the country peacefully. He faced a lot of problems during his mission.

Fidel Castro

6. Evo Morales

Bolivia saw peasant movements and political upheavals in the history. It was Evo Morales who came forward to bring positive chances. He was the leader with modest and superb lifestyle.

Evo Morales

5. Nicolás Maduro

The current president of Venezuela is known for his hard hitting techniques and his staunch anti-America position. Maduro is a man to feel proud of. He brought Venezuela one step closer to the socialist utopia.

Nicolás Maduro

4. J.V. Stalin

J.V. Stalin is another socialist of human history with some great contributions. He was a controversial man, but who cares when it comes to talk about how popular Stalin was. He faces all his opponents with courage.

J.V. Stalin

3. Vladimir Lenin

One of the leading architects of the Bolshevik Revolution, Vladimir is a high rank man. He was leading many battles in Germany, and worked for creating peaceful environment.

Vladimir Lenin

2. Mao Zedong

The Little Red Book by Mao is widely loved for being unique. Mao is a man we must talk about here. He contributed a lot in Cultural Revolution and traditional development of his state.

Mao Zedong

1. Hugo Chavez

Known for his rough and tough attitude, Hugo Chavez is from Venezuela. He is considered to be the founder of the modern leftist state of Venezuela. He is dead but Hugo is still reminded for being a marvelous personality.

Hugo Chavez

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