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Top 10 Tips to Find Great Workplaces in New York in 2014

New York is the busiest state of USA, bordered by New Jersey and Pennsylvania to the south, and by Connecticut and Vermont to the east. This state is the mecca for job hunters; hundreds of inexperienced and experienced graduates enter the competitive job market of New York City and apply at multinational brands to find their perfect pad.

Before you step forward to look for your dream job in this land of opportunities, keep in mind the following top 10 tips to find great workplaces in New York in 2014.

10. Submit Job Application

Before processing job application, update your resume to match the international standards; several options are available to ascertain the resume styles. You can also visit websites to find the traditional American resume formats. Ask yourself the following questions before submitting the application;

  • How can I compete hundreds of other applicants?
  • How can I keep up with brightest and best paying job?
  • What should I do to impress the employers at the time of interview?
  • What if my resume isn’t cracking?

Great Workplaces in New York

9. Apply for Work Permit

You can submit a valid work visa application, employment based green card or employment authorization. Begin by submitting the application for a temporary non-immigrant work visa, while those looking for permanent positions, should have a Green Card.

Great Workplaces in New York

8. Dos and Don’ts

You should remember to avoid:

  • A smartphone for sending visa applications to American embassy.
  • Don’t share your application and credentials with a third party.
  • Sending application via email is strictly forbidden as applications sent through fax are accepted.

You can do:

  • Use the permit immediately after it prints which remains valid for 15 days.
  • Sign pre-filled application and attach all required documents.
  • Send competed application to get a 12-month child performer permit.

Great Workplaces in New York

7. Contact American Embassy

Make sure you’ve applied through proper channel for work permit. Send an email to New York Labor during June-August when maximum applications are considered. Your employment application should accompany these documents:

  • Passport and copy of data pages
  • Signed copy of application form
  • Payment confirmation slip
  • 6 passport sized colored pictures with white background
  • USD30.00 US Postal money order made payable to the Consulate General

Great Workplaces in New York

6. Apply through Proper Channel

Get your resume visible online at marketplaces and New York based call centers. Chinahot is a viable source to find the right employment. You can also access tons of jobs at New York workplaces with full list of well-paying call centers in USA.

Great Workplaces in New York

5. Know the Job Market

There are many career options for New Yorkers. Online platforms are your gateway to explore the most suitable job options and join the best workplace. There are four major types of jobs you can find in this city.

Great Workplaces in New York

4. Permanent Employment

Multinational brands have over 3,000 permanent positions statewide, most of which are covered by Civil Service Law.

Great Workplaces in New York

3. Seasonal Employment

Seasonal jobs provide value to part-time work opportunities.

Great Workplaces in New York

2. Internships

Internships in New York help the students to gain practical experience in their chosen career fields. The majority of internships are offered with attractive stipend.

Great Workplaces in New York

1. Volunteers

Thousands of New Yorkers donate their time and services in support of environmental issues in partnership with multiple companies. One of the major advantages to work in New York City is flexibility to work fulltime or part-time. Build your profile and try to appear as reliable worker to secure a permanent position, and wonderful chances to earn double than your fixed salary in terms of commission and bonus.

Great Workplaces in New York

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