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Top 19 Most Powerful Kids in the World 2017

All children are special in their own unique ways. However, some children are either rather fortunate or impressively gifted to end up being considered power kids. They are either lucky enough to be born to rich and wealthy parents or are skilled and talented enough that they have managed to achieve tremendous fame and fortune on their own. A kid’s spheres of influences, potential to acquire the power in future and net worth are the three reasons to name kid to be powerful. These kids have been lucky to have all or any of these characteristics, this is why are world’s most powerful kids. Thus, here is a list of the top 19 most powerful kids in the world 2017 who are both famous and rich, and so they have rather bright futures ahead of them.

So let us take a look at the list of top 15 most powerful kids in the world.

19. Rico Rodriguez

Anyone who has watched Modern Family would most certainly know who Rico Rodriguez is, considering that he portrayed Manny Delgado in the sitcom that premiered on ABC back in 2009. The actor, who is 18 years old now, played an honest and sweet boy who is apparently very much like him. Much like his character was at that time, Rico is also in the 12th grade now. Despite being quite a successful actor now, Rico values education tremendously. Rico has even written a book titled “Reel Life Lessons … So Far,” which was published back in 2012. He has even spoken about the importance of literacy and reading. He recently teamed up with Pizza Hut for a Literacy Project in order to help children achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Rico Rodriguez

18. Ashima Shiraishi

Ashima Shiraishi is a 15-year-old girl who can be best described as a rock climbing phenom. She has already won 17 national youth bouldering titles and has even earned a silver medal in the United States open bouldering championship. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that she has been named to the United States youth bouldering team for this year. There should be remain no doubt she will end up bringing home some prestigious medal/title for her country. Ashima began climbing rocks back when she was just 6 years old and just out of curiosity. No one could have guessed that she would end up becoming a bouldering/rock climbing champion. She is not even muscular, rather she weighs 90 pounds and as a height of 5’1”, yet she is impressive when bouldering.

Ashima Shiraishi

17. Jazz Jennings

Jazz Jennings may not be the most wealthiest kid on this list, but she is without a doubt one of the most powerful. Today, Jazz Jennings is a 16-year-old, but she happens to be transgender and was born male. In recent times, she has become both a television and YouTube personality, along with taking on the role of a spokesmodel and spokesperson for LGBTQ rights. She is one of America’s youngest transgender woman to receive national recognition to such an extent. Along with her widely popular YouTube channel, she even has her own show on TLC. This year, she also became the source of inspiration for the world’s transgender doll that has been modeled after her and resembles her. The “transgender” doll will arrive in America this summer.

Jazz Jennings

16. Flynn McGarry

When it comes to the fine-dining scene in New York City, one of the youngest chefs out there is none other than 17-year-old FLynn McGarry. He rose to fame as a chef as he launched supper club in Los Angeles back when he was just 11 years old. Ever since, he has spent time in the kitchens of Alma, Alinea and Eleven Madison. Currently, he has his own chef’s counter within Kava at the European-style cafe Eureka, where he serves a 16-course tasting menu. The food he prepares are described as being delicious and imaginative. The tasting menu has a $160 price tag attached to it and anyone who wishes to pair a wine with it would have to spend an additional $90. Of course, Flynn himself is not yet old enough to drink, so he will just have to wait another year.

Flynn McGarry

15. Phoebe Adele Gates

Phoebe Adele Gates is the youngest child and the second daughter of Bill and Melinda Gates., who was born on September 14th, 2002. Phoebe is currently one of the world’s richest heirs, which should be pretty obvious. Most people are probably assuming that Phoebe and her siblings are going to inherit in the billions, considering that their father’s $66 fortune keeps on growing with each passing day. However, according to Bill Gates, each of his children will receive $10 million, while the rest will go to charity. Even then, $10 million is definitely no small amount. Despite already being such a wealthy kid, she is still like any other teenager. Even though her dad is probably one of the most tech-savvy individuals out there, she only received a cell phone after she turned thirteen.

Phoebe Adele Gates

14. Quvenzhané Wallis

Many people likely feel that Quvenzhané Wallis grew up right before their very eyes. Quvenzhané was merely 9 years old when she was nominated for an Academy Award four years ago, for starring in 2012’s Drama/Fantasy film “Beasts of the Southern Wild.” However, back in June 2016 when she was attending the BET Awards, she looked quite like a growing teenager, which should be obvious considering that she is 13 years old now. However, the adorable actress looked almost unrecognizable in the photos taken at last year’s BET Awards. Just years ago, she used to be a cute kid, and it seems as if in just a matter of minutes, she has grown into a pretty, young teenager. She was dressed in a teal-colored shift dress, along with a set of pearls and white-colored flats, while she was also carrying a white-colored purse.

Quvenzhané Wallis

13. Kelly Xu

At just 9 years old, Kelly Xu became the first ever female to be crowned champion at the Augusta National Golf Club back in 2014. She was just 4’8” and weighed merely 61 pounds. Back in 2014, Augusta National hosted the inaugural Drive, Chip and Putt Championship, where Kelly won in the Girls 9-and-under Division. Over 17,000 children had tried to qualify for that championship, but merely 88 of them were fortunate enough to have been selected to play on one of the world’s most famous golf courses. While balancing the large trophy in her arms, Kelly described the memorable moment as the “best day of [her] life.” Apparently, she was very anxious and nervous before hitting the ball, but she calmed down after realizing that she had been playing this sport for quite a long time.

Kelly Xu

Kelly is only 10-years old. She is the first kid to be the winner of Augusta National. The title she achieved has made her recognized the world over.

12. Princess Leonor

Leonor is the heir to the Spanish throne, the elder of the two daughters of Felipe VI and Letizia, the present King and Queen of Spain. Some readers may feel as if it was just yesterday that that the birth of Princess Leonor was announced by the King and Queen, but actually twelve years have already passed since her birth in Madrid. Ever since, people have witnessed the sweet, pretty, little royal prince grow older with each passing year, thanks to the photos of her taken at family excursions and official gatherings. Every time Princess Leonor has been photographed, she tends to be dressed in some of the most adorable outfits. Ever since her sister Infanta Sofía was born, the two of them have been matching their hairstyles and outfits.

Princess Leonor

Leonor is the princess of Asturias. She was born on 31st October, 2005. She is the daughter of Felipe and Letizia, Prince and Princess of Asturias. She is the 2nd as succession after her father.

11. Evan of EvanTubeHD

The name Evan may not ring much of a bell until EvanTubeHD is mentioned, in which case many of the readers will quickly remember the 9-year-old boy who has his own channel on YouTube, which is one of the most popular channels there. In fact, with the help of his father, he is now earning roughly $1.3 million every year. With the help and support of his father, his love of toys ended up being transformed into quite a lucrative businesses and he is now among several of YouTube’s millionaire personalities.

Evan of EvanTubeHD

Evan has been a God-gifted kid to have been viewed and liked on YouTube much more times than any other kid. This is why, Evan is the highest-paid star of YouTube and owns millions of dollars, estimated to be over USD2 million.

10. James Wilke

This little boy, the son of Sarah Jessica Parker and Mathew Broderick is not alone to be powerful. He has twins Tabitha Hodge and Marion Loretta Elwell Broderick. All of these kids are blessed with a successful mom who is rich enough to name her kids own over USD150 million.

James Wilke

9. Ísadóra Bjarkardóttir Barney

Bjork and artist Matthew Barney‘s little daughter, Ísadóra Bjarkardóttir Barney is rich enough that she can spend the whole life without working. This 9 years old girl should be thankful to her parents for letting her have this great chance.

Ísadóra Bjarkardóttir Barney

8. Krishna Thea Lakshmi

We should not forget Krishna Thea Lakshmi to name her in this list. This 2-years old baby girl ofhost Padma Lakshmi is surely one of the most powerful kids in the world.

Krishna Thea Lakshmi

7. Matilda Rose Ledger

Matilda Rose is the daughter of actress Michelle Williams and late Heath Ledger. How lucky this baby is that she will inherit her father’s USD18 million and has already gotten fame due to her mom.

Matilda Rose Ledger

6. Benji Brin

Benji Wojin Brin is the son of Google co-founder Sergey Brin and his wife Anne Wojcicki, who is a biotech entrepreneur. Benji’s name is actually a combination of the names last names of his parents. The fact of the matter is that nobody really knows what Benji looks like because his parents have kept his identity somewhat of a secret. There have been reports that his tech-savvy parents have even registered a website address for him, i.e. benjibrin.com. For his baby, his parents asked all the guests to wear diapers and footie pajamas. The latest news is that Sergey and Anne are even donating Benji’s DNA to science. It is hard to say what Benji Wojin might think of his parents, but it is certain that he has quite a wealthy life ahead of him.

Benji Brin

Benji Brin is the son of the Google co-founder Sergey Brin and 23andMe founder Anne Wojcicki. He has been one of the most notable kids in the world, owning billions of dollars, which are going to be inherited to him when he grows up.

5. Alexis Martin

To many, Alexis Martin may seem like an average, ordinary 4-year-old girl, but she is actually far from that. Despite her extremely young age, Alexis has an IQ of 160, the same as Albert Einstein. Also despite her extremely young age, her incredible IQ has enabled her to become a member of Mensa International, the world’s oldest IQ society that accepts only people with IQ above the 98th percentile or higher. Alexis and her parents currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona. Her parents actually find it pretty challenging to raise a child who has such a high IQ. Alexis is able to recite entire books from memory after they have been read to her, among other impressive and unbelievable things. Alexis even taught herself to read.

Alexis Martin

4. Blue Ivy Carter

Jay Z and Beyonce are expecting the birth of twins very, but several months ago, Blue Ivy was their only child. Blue Ivy is the 5-year-old daughter of the two musicians. Along with having such famous parents, Blue Ivy herself is somewhat of a budding entrepreneur at just the age of five. Reportedly, a line of Blue Ivy Carter products are going to be launched by her mother’s company soon. Her name has apparently already been trademarked with the United States Patent and Trademark Office database for a wide range of products, including fragrances, entertainment services and hair care items. It seems that Blue Ivy will begin minting money even before she grows up into an adult. Furthermore, it has also been reported that Blue Ivy was pretty happy to be the only child because she is not too delighted about her mother having twins.

Blue Ivy Carter

3. Margaret Laura “Mila” Hager

Mila Hager is the older of the two daughters of Jenna Bush Hager. Her mother Jenna is one of the two fraternal twin daughters of 43rd President of the United States George W. Bush and his wife Laura Bush, the former First Lady. Margaret Laura Hager was born in April 2013, adding another member to the Bush family line. Mila’s birth also marked the first time that George and Laura became grandparents. The Bush family was obviously “elated” by Mila’s birth. Of course, Mila is currently just 4 years old, so it is hard to imagine what kind of a career she may end up pursuing, whether it will be something political like her grandfather. Apparently, babies in the Bush family are often named after their predecessors. Much like her mother and aunt, Mila was also named after her grandmothers.

Margaret Laura “Mila” Hager

Margaret Laura was born on 13th April, 2013. She is the baby doll of Jenna Bush Hager and Henry Hager, and the granddaughter of former President George W. Bush. The famous parents and grandparents have been the reason behind the powers Margaret will own when she grows up.

2. Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte may not be the heir to the throne, but the only daughter and younger child of Prince William and and the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, she is undoubtedly one of the most powerful babies in the world. She also happens to be one of the most photographed babies in the world. Just one quick search will bring up a considerably large number of photos of the little, 1-year-old princess. In most of these photos she can be dressed up in some of the the most elaborate, elegant and expensive-looking outfits. At just the age of 1, she already has a Marc Jacobs lipstick line named after. Furthermore, much like her little brother who will be the next Duke of Cambridge, she will one day end up inheriting $1 billion or perhaps even more.

1. Prince George

Prince George will eventually be the next Duke of Cambridge since he is the only son of Prince William and the Duchess Catherine. It should be more than obvious that he quite a privileged and wealthy child, which is the reason he is the top most powerful kids in the world. Back in January of this year, it was being reported that Prince George’s parents spent £900 on his school uniform, which included a Harris tweed coat worth £115. The price of his school uniform was four times more than what average parents in the United Kingdom spend on their children’s uniforms. Despite being the Duke of Cambridge, he is still a child after all. This past Pancake Tuesday, he was busy at his school making pancakes with the rest of his classmates.

Prince George

Prince George was born on 22 July 2013. He is beautiful and charming, the song of Prince William, and Catherine. He is the grandson of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana, Princess of Wales. This is what makes us know why Prince George is powerful and is going to influence the world in future.