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Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Sports Reporters in the World

Beautiful Female Sports Reporter
The beautiful women are everywhere—whether we talk about fashion world or movie industry, these ladies are truly dominating our hearts due to their awesome skills in profession and charming personalities. Even the female sports reporters have been highly acknowledged for their beauty and impressive look. Check this list of top 10 most beautiful female sports reporters in the world.

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10. Ines Sainz

It won’t be wrong to say that a picture is worth to tell us how beautiful and charming a lady can be. Talking about Ines Sainz, she is not only a successful sports reporter, but also extremely gorgeous. She has always been loved for her sexy jeans. She is a Mexican sports reporter for TV Azteca, and is known to be extremely dedicated. It is hard to believe she is a sports reporter, because she looks like a sexy Hollywood diva.

Most Beautiful Female Sports Reporters

9. Jenn Brown

Jenn Brown is another talented and beautiful sports reporter of all time. This former Florida Gator has seen her career take off, but this never impacted her overall impression on the minds of her fans. She has always been seen, covering latest sports news. I must say, she is ESPN’s one of most developed and top notch female reporters.

Most Beautiful Female Sports Reporters

8. Jill Arrington

Jill Arrington is the former college football sportcaster of ESPN. She has been the host of Totally Nascar, College Football Saturday Preview, and Verizon NFL Mobile Updates on FOX Sports. We know her not because of her talent, but due to her high profile beauty.

Most Beautiful Female Sports Reporters

7. Marisol Gonzalez

Marisol Gonzalez is another Mexican television sports reporter. She has always shocked her fans by giving outstanding performance in her shows. Gonzalez worked for TV Azteca’s rival, Televisa during 2008 Super Bowl. She has also appeared in Miss Universe 2003 competition.

Marisol Gonzalez
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6. Charissa Thompson

Charissa Thompson is a beautiful lady of Versus. This bombshell has been of great interest as a reporter and beauty diva for her fans. I can say this for sure that Charissa is one of the best female sports reporters of NHL. She has been known for her long height and beautiful figure.

Most Beautiful Female Sports Reporters

5. Jenn Sterger

Jenn Sterger is another sports reporter with so much talent and upscale beauty. I am sure a lot of young men are crazy for her. Are you? Why not, Jenn has always looked impressive in her shows and gave outstanding performance. She is from Miami.

Jenn Sterger
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4. Molly Qerim

Molly Qerim, worked for Versus, has already been a successful sports reporter. I must say, Molly has gotten impressive personality and so much talent that together make her a high profile lady. She also worked for CBS and ESPN.

Most Beautiful Female Sports Reporters

3. Sara Carbonero

Spanish TV presenter, Sara Carbonero is one of the most beautiful faces of sports sector. She proved herself as an impressive lady in the whole World Cup tournament with her natural journalistic abilities.

Most Beautiful Female Sports Reporters
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2. Heidi Watney

Heidi Watney is a heart-taking beauty. She is Boston Red Sox on-field reporter of NESN. I can certainly call her a hot blonde of television, who has been gifted amazing talent and so many skills.

Most Beautiful Female Sports Reporters

1. Erin Andrews

The breathtaking beauty, Erin Andrews, has been a sportscaster of ESPN and WBAP. She is famous among the males for her beauty and charming figure. She is voted as “America’s Sexiest Sportscaster” by Playboy magazine In 2007 and 2008.

Most Beautiful Female Sports Reporters
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