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Top 10 Most Beautiful South American Models in 2016

In recent years, South American females have risen in fashion and entertainment industries. You can find a lot of them working for Victoria’s Secret brand, and many others. Here we have talked about top 10 most beautiful South American models in 2016.

Most Beautiful South American Models

10. Luli Fernandez

Native Country: Argentina

Luli Fernandez is a dedicated model from Argentina. To her credit, Rock star, Mick Jaggar and Real Madrid star, Fernando Gaga, just to name a few. Luli has perfect body, and has worked with many brands.

Luli Fernandez

9. Monserrat Bustamante

Native Country: Chile

This Chilean singer-songwriter and model needs no introduction. Monserrat has been around since 2006. She has worked for countless companies and walked the ramps of big fashion designers throughout her career.

Monserrat Bustamante

8. Daniela Freitas

Native Country: Brazil

Like many Brazilian women, Daniela Freitas is an exceptional lady. She began modeling at very tender age of 16. She is credited for countless fashion show successes. Daniela looks superb as a bikini model.

Daniela Freitas

7. Paula Garces

Native Country: Colombia

Paula moved to the US at a young age and grew up in Harlem, New York. She has been a part of countless television series and movies. Paula is a graceful model. She has been seen in the CBS soap opera “Guiding Light” and the ABC series “Defying Gravity”.

Paula Garces

6. Rocio Guirao Diaz

Native Country: Argentina

Not only Rocio Guirao Diaz is beautiful, but also she is a hard working and talented diva from Argentina. She has great dancer, and has worked for many fashion brands of domestic and international level.

Rocio Guirao Diaz

5. Yeruti Garcia

Native Country: Paraguay

Yeruti Garcia, apart from being a superb model, has mastered the art of self-promotion through social media profiles. She is a beauty with brain, and a perfect blend of grace and artworks.

Yeruti Garcia

4. Shakira

Native Country: Colombia

One of the most famous Colombians, singer Shakira needs no introduction. She is a world renowned female celebrity and model. In 2009, Shakira released an English-speaking album, and has gotten many awards.


3. Danna Garcia

Native Country: Colombia

Danna Garcia is another beauty from Colombia. She has been a model and actress. Danna worked alongside her sister to for the band, Café Moreno. In 2006 she became the first Colombia actress to star in a Mexican television series. She is a pretty female.

Danna Garcia

2. Gabriela Barros

Native Country: Chile

Gabriela Barros is native to Chile. She has represented her country in the 2004 Miss Universe pageant, while she was second runner-up of Miss Australia 2004. She is a wonderful beauty pageant and successful model of the era.

Gabriela Barros

1. Iidi Silva

Native Country: Brazil

Iidi Silva is a beauty from Brazil. She’s not opposed to full nudi’ty in her acting roles. She rose to fame because of her bold and beautiful looks in Brazilian soaps.

Iidi Silva

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