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Top 10 Best Medical Institutes in the World in 2014

In today’s era mankind has made so much growth in medical field and have cured almost every disease which were the major problem for the ancient people.Medical field has nodoubt played an undefinable role for living necessity. Large number of people are becoming doctors across the world and helping mankind to live longer. Some of the top universities in Sweden which are not only producing high number of qualified doctors,also contributing their help to save the mankind. If you are looking for a great medical institute to pursue a career as a doctor or nurse, then check out the below list of top 10 best medical institutes in the world in 2014.

10. Uppsala University

Uppsala University was ranked as 77 across the globe by QS. It was build on 7 February 1477 and in 1877 a new hospital was opened in it. Uppsala university has a massive number of students in it and are increasing every year.

Best Medical Institutes

9. Lund University

Lund University was built in 1666 after the Uppsala University. Its ranking was 69 all over the world in 2012-2013.the total number of students graduated from medical department this year were 3,756.

Best Medical Institutes

8. Karolinska Institute

It was founded in 19th century by Kung karl. it has two campuses. It is not measured in the overall university ranking since being a multi-faculty university is one of compulsory requirements of QS.

Best Medical Institutes

7. Gothenburg University

The University of Gothenburg is a university in Sweden second largest city.It has 8 faculties and 57 departments with 37000 students and 6000 employees.According to QS world ranking its position was 198 in 2013.

Best Medical Institutes

6. Umea University

Umea University was founded in 1965 and its fifth oldest university of Sweden. It has students from all over the world.30 degree programs taught entirely in English in this university.

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5. Linkoping University

It gained its fully university status in 1975. it has 2,985 students and 1342 employees. It offer high quality medical courses.

Best Medical Institutes

4. Stockholm University

Stockholm University consists on two scientific fields which are the natural sciences and social sciences. Consisting over 66,000 students at four different faculties . it is one of the largest universities in Scandinavia.Its ranking is under 200 universities in the world.

Best Medical Institutes

3. Dalarana University

It has two campuses in Fulan and Borlange. This university was established in 1977 in Sweden and its ranking in 2013 were at 24 by QS.

Best Medical Institutes

2. Orebro University

Orebro University is one of the fastest growing universities in Sweden. With 17000 students and 1500 employees . It co-hosts the Center of Gender Excellence established by the Swedish Research Council.

Best Medical Institutes

1. Ackerman College

The Ackermann Institute is a famous alternative-medicine institute in Sweden. it was founded in 1988. Provide healthcare with regard to the vertebral column and to further develop our research knowledge that rests securely on 40 years of clinical experience. You can get top notch education here.

Best Medical Institutes

Sweden has one of the best medical colleges in world and they are growing rapidly in field of medicines. Studying in Sweden is a good option for every kind of students as they offers scholarships to their students. Which is your destination for a medical degree? Let the world know what are your future plans of becoming a medical professional? We’ll wait your comments!