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Top 10 Best Ways You can Make Easy Money in 2014

After a very tiresome study period at college, many students want to relax and watch television or enjoy a long trip to hill station; but for the fresh graduates, the better option is to look for a job. Inexperienced graduates find it tough to get hired by the best companies; the reasons are obviously lack of experience and immense competition. In fact, various students frown upon jobs of customer service sectors, but they facilitate with financial independence, and provide an initial back-support to your career.

Knowing what employers look for in fresh graduates can be the great way of evaluating how marketable are your skills. If you feel that you’ve the potential to do a technical job, doors of endless opportunities are open for you. If you feel that your credentials are in line with a technical position, then here are the top 10 best ways you can make easy money in 2014:

10. Pharmaceutical Representatives

As a pharmaceutical representative, lot of travel will be needed from you. These individuals work the whole day, introducing different drugs and medicines to the doctors and paramedical staff. The pharmaceutical representatives are in high demand, so you’ve bright chance to get hired by a pharmaceutical company if your communication skills match their needs. The science graduates with customer-friendly abilities can apply for this job. Usually as a representative, you’ll receive monthly salary + commission for every successful sale, still the estimated annual earning is around USD46,510.

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9. Network System Administrators

Both large and small firms, nowadays, hire in-house network system administrators to maintain and troubleshoot their complex computer networks. To keep the computer networks running is your major job responsibility. You can apply for the position at multiple companies if you hold a graduate degree in computer science or computer programming. Although experience isn’t needed, but you’re better to gain basic experience of what to do to keep the networks running smoothly. The job pays well to the hard-working individuals, so apply only if you’re a well-qualified applicant. The estimated annual salary is around USD56,530.

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8. Software Developers

Software developer is undeniably a smart career option in today’s job market. Salaries of experienced software developers keep on increasing every year, and the demand of such skilled persons is very high. You’ll be hired by software houses, multinational companies, or telecommunication brands. Flexible working hours are available for full-time and part-time job seekers. To increase your chances to get such a fantastic job, make sure you hold a degree in computer studies. You can expect to earn around USD65,230 annually from this job.

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7. Investment Bankers

Recent financial crisis in the international markets has taken much of the shine of investment banking. Jobs in this sector are not plentiful, but they pay well. As an investment banker, you will be responsible to handle out the accounts of the bank, and assists individuals, corporations, and governments in raising capital. The job can be demanding; you sometimes have to work under pressure to achieve the goals. You can earn around USD74,120 per year from this job.

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6. Earn through Social Media

With the growing trend of social networks, recruitment has become convenient. Internet is the biggest platform for job hunters and employers. Google processes more than 40,000 search queries every second of every day, and its main problem is promotion through Google Plus. Google Plus is a bit of an oddity as compared to any other social media website; and fills the gap left by Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.This is why, brands tend to use this network for better ranks. Once you decide to move over to Google Plus to make money, the doors of opportunities open for you.

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5. App Development Business

The most benefited individuals are web designers and developers. If you are the lucky one with great programming skills, try to develop an app. Millions of Google Plus users can become your happy buyers. Visit Chrome add-ons and extensions page to see how to start your business. Submit your app to Android Market and Apple iOS stores. If it receives many downloads, you’ll get handsome amount from Google, and a chance to maximize your brand exposure.

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4. Write Updated Contents

Never before had opportunities to make a sustainable living as a freelancer; thanks to marketplaces and Google Plus for making it possible. Turn your writing passion into a handsome career, and leave the well-trodden path of traditional working world by writing posts on multiple websites. Share them on Google Plus to get more page views and earn revenues through ad impressions and clicks. Remember that this is not a short-cut to reach your goals, but is a network armed with both positive and negative opportunities. The more you’ll write the higher will be your earnings.

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3. Create an Open Google Plus Community

You can create an open Google Plus community that matches interests of your target subscribers. In the community’s “About this community” section, insert your website links. Invite more and more people to join your community to generate revenues from Adsense clicks, and expand your friends circle day by day. Join multiple Google Plus clubs of bloggers, web developers, and social media lovers. Invite friends to follow you on this platform; once you surpass the 1000 limit, you qualify to sell +1’d recommendations to branded websites. Multinational companies spend millions of dollars to buy tweets, Facebook likes and Google Plus recommendations to rank higher.

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2. Claim Google Plus Authorship

Claim Google Plus authorship for your blogs. This way, your articles and posts receive more authority, and extra attention in search engines. Every article you publish with Google Plus authorship has your name and picture next to it, thus you’ve earn sufficient revenues.

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1. Take Advantage of Google Plus

The plethora of earning opportunities provided by Google Plus is measured by your determination, and resilience. Dig deep into the well of courage and remember that the key to success is to not treat Google Plus as a secondary network. Give it the same attention and interest as Facebook and Twitter for entrancing your brand.

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Working hard to develop core skills is needed by employers to succeed in today’s scenario. You should take extra miles to enhance your competencies to get a technical job like above for a prospective career. What you say?