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Top 10 Descent Paying Jobs for Fresh Graduates in 2014

There are various jobs open for high school diploma holders, but college degrees have traditionally been stressed as the direct path to a more successful financial future. Many high-paying jobs for graduates require steeper training, though such positions pay slightly higher than those without any training.
For the graduates of 2014 who have just spread their wings for taking a flight in a real world, there are bunch of opportunities. How will they find a great job? What measures are needed if they’re inexperienced? To answer all such questions, here are top 10 descent paying jobs for fresh graduates in 2014:

10. Computer System Analysts

Computer system analysts are in high demand in USA, and Europe. You need to hold a graduate degree with at-least second division to apply for the job. Openings remain available for competitive computer programmers, who tend to work both individually and in group. The job requires you to study organization’s current computer systems and procedures, and come up with the information systems solutions to help the company operate effectively. Such workers bring business and information technology (IT) together. The estimated annual salary of a computer system analyst is USD69,550.

Jobs for Fresh Graduates

9. Elementary School Teachers

As a Kingdergarten and elementary school teacher, you’ll prepare the younger students for a successful future. Teaching the little kids basic subjects like Mathematics, Science and English, and boosting their mental capabilities is a part of your job. Elementary school teachers must hold a bachelor’s degree, with a state-issued certification or license. The estimated annual salary of an elementary teacher is USD50,120.

Jobs for Fresh Graduates

8. Internet Marketers

The internet has become the best source of marketing since its invention in 1960. The tremendous growth and development, and money-making potential through internet have exploded. Not only the marketers, but also the writers and SEOs earn handsome amounts from their jobs. E-Marketing can be your career option if you’ve what does it take to increase the sales of a company. The fresh graduates don’t have to be genius to earn huge amounts from this job. Just holding a degree in computer sciences, sufficient experience, and the ability to deal and convince the customers can be the key to success. The estimated annual salary of a fresh graduate working as an internet marketer is USD67,110.

Jobs for Fresh Graduates

7. Insurance Sales Agent

The best thing about this job is that you don’t need to have enough experience. The graduates with a degree in healthcare, insurance studies, or business administration can apply for multiple positions nationwide. The companies and offices always look for the finest insurance agents to work with them. So if you feel that you’re the one to fulfill their requirements, submit your resume. The job pays around USD34,510 annually.

Jobs for Fresh Graduates

6. Public Relations Specialist

Again this job doesn’t require you to hold any kind of professional experience. What you need is the capacity to deal the customers in a friendly way. The job, besides paying around USD31,504 annually, also gives you a chance to earn commission from the employer. ”

Jobs for Fresh Graduates

5. Management Analyst

If you hold a graduate degree in business management then this is the right job for you. Start searching for the companies on the internet who are there to receive resumes from the candidates like you. The perks of the job are that the workers are given around USD45,120 annually, commission, and enough room to improve themselves.

Jobs for Fresh Graduates

4. Software Developers

Being a software developer is a great job for the computer graduates. If you hold a degree in computer sciences, or computer programming, then this is the best job to go with. It can offer you to make around USD43,520 annually, and even more by working extra hours every week.

Jobs for Fresh Graduates

3. Career Counselor

Do you have what it takes to have a great place? If yes, then career counseling can be an excellent job for you. As an employee of a professional company or university, you would be dealing with the career issues of the clients and students. Also you will guide them towards prospective jobs and teach them how to appear effectively for an interview. The job can pay around USD32,000 per year.

Jobs for Fresh Graduates

2. Assistant Manager

An assistant manager works the whole day dealing with his employer’s work schedule and customer files. You also have to be active both physically and mentally before you apply for this job. Bear in mind that the job pays around USD32,110 annually but it requires you to be competitive and hard working to secure the position permanently.

Jobs for Fresh Graduates

1. Financial Analysts

If you’re numbers-oriented, you can find a financial analyst job easily. The highest salaries are available for those who have advanced degree in business and finance studies along with sufficient experience; but the recent graduates can expect around USD35,000 salary annually. Start with a firm hiring junior financial analysts. The financial service industry is competitive and it’ll be tough for you initially to secure a position. Preparations and self-grooming are obviously needed if you’re to work in this industry for a lifetime.

Jobs for Fresh Graduates

Finding a job of desire can be difficult if your focus is diverted from your area of specialization. The above fields have exploited and created bundles of new opportunities, but you should give preference to the industry that suits your dreams and can provide you enough room for improvement.

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