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Top 10 Most Beautiful Buildings in the World

The height of a building shouldn’t impact us at any cost, but sometimes the heart patients are strictly forbade taking a glimpse of the tall and huge buildings. If you are one of them then instead of viewing those very high buildings in real, you can imagine or view their pictures on the internet. Almost all the countries in the world have high and sky-touching buildings, but still there are a fewer which can be proudly named. I must say China is dominating in the world to have some very high and amazingly constructed buildings, but it doesn’t means Dubai, USA like nations are behind the race. So let’s check out which the top 10 most beautiful buildings in the world are and where they are located.

Most Beautiful Buildings in the World

10. Petronas Towers, Malaysia

Petronas Towers is also known as Petronas Twin Towers. These skyscrapers are situated in Malaysia and have a length of about 1482 feet with total 89 floors. The two sister towers were constructed in 1990 during the time when Malaysia started becoming one of the prominent superpowers of the world.

Petronas Towers, Malaysia

9. Tokyo Skytree, Japan

Tokyo Skytree is a beautiful restaurant, broadcasting and observational tower situated in Suminda, Tokyo. Its height is estimated to be 634m and its construction was completed in March 2011. this beautiful skytree is the one and only hugest building of Japan and among the most remarkable structures in the world.

Tokyo Skytree, Japan

8. Willis Tower, Chicago

The local residents of Chicago also call Willis Tower as Sears Tower. It is 1500 feet high building and one of the major tourist points of Chicago. It was constructed in 1973 and since then the tower is standing with its full pride and fame. Getting to Willis Tower via road is quite easy and will take you only few minutes if your hotel is close to the hub of the Chicago city.

Willis Tower, Chicago

7. Taipei 101, Taiwan

The Taipei 101 is a grand tower of the world, situated in Taiwan and is one of the best tourist points. It has a total height of 1670 feet and consists of more than one hundred stories. This environment friendly skyscraper is beautifully constructed and is truly one of the major and busy buildings of Taiwan.

Taipei 101, Taiwan

6. Spring Temple Buddha, China

It is not only a building or tower which is high or famous for its lengthy, but sometimes even the huge status can be equally remarkable. Spring Temple Buddha is a China based tall statue which has a total height of 1800 feet, including the adjoined pedestal building. This copper statue was built in 2008 by Taliban of Afghanistan. They name it their holy place where they perform different holy responsibilities every day. Especially on weekends you can see a lot of crowd in this temple.

Spring Temple Buddha, China

5. Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel, Saudi Arabia

The Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel was constructed with an aim to make the holy city of Mecca a modernized and well versed city. Luckily after its construction was finished, this 1979 feet high building became a symbol of pride and peace in Mecca. It has 120 stories and is truly a remarkable building of Saudi Arabia.

Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel, Saudi Arabia

4. World Trade Center, New York

Who don’t know about World Trade Center? The incident of 9/11 is still present in the depths of our thoughts. The World Trade Center is a famous New York, USA building having a height of 2001 feet and 105 floors. It tracks its history back from 17th century when America got its independence. Since then World Trade Center is among the major business buildings around the globe.

World Trade Center, New York

3. Zifeng Tower, China

The construction of Zifeng Tower, China was completed by the end of 2008. This is an amazing 2212 feet tall building having over 130 stories. The stair-step shape of this building is very charming and eye catching and it owns enough space for restaurants, offices, retail stores and indoor gaming. You can enjoy quality time here as there are a lot of public points within and outside its premises to get amazed with.

Zifeng Tower, China

2. International Commerce Center, China

The International Commerce Center of China was constructed in 2010 with a purpose to strengthen the economy of the country. This 2220 fee tall skyscraper has about 170 stories and is one of the busiest commercial buildings of Hong Kong. Much part of China’s economy and its international business related dealings is done within the premises of this commerce center. Especially the commerce dealings and new governmental plans about the country’s development are finalized in this extremely beautiful building. We can, in other words, name it the World Trade Center of China.

International Commerce Center, China

1. Burj Khalifa, Dubai

There are various reasons for us to name Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE the tallest building of the world. The first is of course its 2800 feet high skyscraping look with 170 floors. The second is the building is awesomely constructed and really admirable due to its beautiful outlook. It construction was finished in 2009 and it is said that Burj Khalifa builders took four years to complete this commercial building and giving it the look and shape it currently has. The tourists come to this prominent building among all the tallest buildings in the world in large number and love to capture its beauty with the eye of their cameras. So if you happen to go to Dubai, don’t forget to enlist Burj Khalifa’s name in your hotspots.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

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