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Top 10 Most Beautiful Staircases in the World

Man create stairs to reach great heights and for covering distances. There are a lot of beautiful and impressive staircases in the world that catch attention of countless tourists. These offer stunning views of high mountains, and some of them are marvelous piece of art. Check the list of top 10 most beautiful staircases in the world.

Most Beautiful Staircases in the World

10. Rue Foyatier Stairway

The Rue Foyatier stairway is situated in Paris, France, leading to Montmarte, with the Sacre-Coeur basilica located on its top. It has three hundred steps, beautifully formed. Once you have walked up the stairs, the appealing view of the city at the summit of Montmarte is waiting for you.

Rue Foyatier Stairway

9. El Peñol Stone

The La Piedra Del Peñol in Columbia is a monolithic formation located at the town of Guatapé in Antioquia. It rises from the bottom of the hydroelectric dam of Peñol-Guatapé. It is also famous with the names of El Peñol Stone, or La Piedra. These staircases are made of rocks, and have 650 in number. You can view the shore-perimeter after clibming 740 steps.

El Peñol Stone

8. Inca Trail Staircase

The Inca Trail is an ancient route from the city of Cuzco. It leads to the Machu Pichu in Peru. It has beautiful and stunning staircases, with the trail descending from high point of Phuyupatamarka with 1500 steps, some carved in granite. It is a marvelous tourist attraction.

Inca Trail staircase

7. Universe Cascade

The Universe Cascade in Dumfries, Scotland is based in a private property known as the Gardens of Cosmic Speculations. It is opened for public once in a year. The staircases are exceptional piece of art, constructing in a cascading waterfall. The dramatic design with 25 landings represents an important shift of cosmic history.

Universe Cascade

6. Girnar Stairs

The mountain region of Girnar is in Gujarat, India. It has lots of Hindu and Jain temples, and 9999 steps to climb. The staircases start from Domdar Kund, and after 4000 steps a plateau with Jain temples comes. The staircases are very appealing. You can reach the Dattatreya Paduka can be reached by climbing a total 9999 steps.

Girnar Stairs

5. Spiral Staircase in Taihang Mountains

The Spiral Staircase Linzhou, China, is built in the Taihang Mountains. The whopping height is 300 feet, and it is known to offer high level of adventure and thrill to any of the visitors. Only people below 60 years with strong physical and mental capabilities are allowed to walk through these staircases.

Spiral Staircase in Taihang Mountains

4. Stairs above the Sea

The Stairs Above The Sea is a man-made stone staircase on the small islet of Gaztelugatxe in Spain. It connects the island to the mainland, and has been famous for its rocky formation. The staircases were founded during 10th century. There are 237 steps.

Stairs above the Sea

3. Awaji Hyakudanen Stairs

The complex of Awaji Yumebutai is located on Awaji Island in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. The Hyakudan’en in Japanese is a part of the Awaji Yumebutai hotle and resort. It is known to have around one hundred varying flower platforms, all of which are highly captivating and attractive. As a visitor, you can enjoy the amazing view of Osaka from any of the gardens.

Awaji Hyakudanen stairs

2. Moses Bridge Stairs

The Moses Bridge Stairs are located in Netherlands. It is another stunning and very appealing staircase view. The bridge consists of two dams, present on its two sides, giving marvelous view of the city.

Moses Bridge Stairs

1. Haʻikū Stairs

The Haʻikū Stairs in Hawaii, USA, is also called as the Stairway to Haven. It is a steep hiking trail on the island of Oʻahu. It is a very pretty and impressive staircase with 3922 steps. The trail is difficult to climb, and is an adventurous and marvelous experience. This was closed for public during 1987 due to safety reasons.

Haʻikū Stairs

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