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Top 10 Most Hated Countries in the World

It is obvious that we love and hate a few countries. Hatred is an emotion which is associated with some bad or negative happenings. We may hate a thing due to its evil characteristics or the impression on our minds has been poor. Some of the world’s states are obviously disliked due to one reason or another. Check the list of top 10 most hated countries in the world.

Note: This list is based on a recent poll and has nothing to do with personal opinion(s).

Most Hated Countries in the World

10. United Kingdom

No doubt, UK is a great country, but still it is said to be mostly a land of greedy people. For over 700 years, UK has oppressed more than one country. They have made slaves and developed slavery system. British people are behind ruining Indian education system, and have been involved in major wars in the world.

Most Hated Countries in the World

9. Mexico

Mexico is known for its high crime rates. Drug wars, illegal crime control, lack of proper rule and law and illegal migration of immigrants to American border have been the reasons why Mexico is hatred. The government needs to eradicate such problems otherwise this state will loss all of its attractions and will have a permanent ‘hatred label’.

Most Hated Countries in the World

8. Japan

Japan has got a positive influence in some parts of the world because of its extraordinary technological progress. At the same time, this country has been hated due to the reason that it has historical conflicts with China. Japan has long been denying the existence of China even when today China has become a major part of the industrial world.

Most Hated Countries in the World

7. Germany

Germany is another country which is hated due to one reason or another. It is mostly disliked for Hitler. Not only Hitler but also the world wars (I and II) has also managed to make up this country on this list. Apart from this, Germany has become a developed state nowadays.

Most Hated Countries in the World

6. Russia

Some of the flop experiments held by Russia have made it a hated country. Russian communism is an example which has destroyed religion, cultures, and created social indifference and corruption. Also the countries in Soviet Union, like Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, hate Russia as they say Russia is the cause of pain for them.

Most Hated Countries in the World

5. North Korea

Why do we hate North Korea? The reason is this state imparts negative influence on the world. The government has made people starved while indulging itself in weapons and missiles. This country has threatened and frightened the world with its nuclear war’s new concepts.

Most Hated Countries in the World

4. Belgium

The reason why Belgium is in this list is that the country is too boring to visit. It has nothing to do with tourism industry, and the only thing that is attractive is its collection of special beers. Belgium should never be your destination as a tourist.

Most Hated Countries in the World

3. India

One of the reasons why India is hated is its discrimination factor. Indians believe in cast, color, sex and race more than ethics and behavior. This country has so many weird and irritating individuals. People are killed on the basis of race and other differences. Indians rape women in mass.

Most Hated Countries in the World

2. USA

America is one of the finest and most developed countries in the world. Then what is the reason USA is hated? Well, America has been behind many wars and military operations in Iran, Afghanistan and recently in Libya. This country is hated by the people of Middle East.

Most Hated Countries in the World

1. Israel

Israel, until now, is recognized as a country that causes conflicts in many parts of the world. It has caused war with Palestine. Israel is responsible to kill people in the name of Judaism. It is also seen that Israelis treat people of other nations badly, and kill them on the basis of religious differences.

Most Hated Countries in the World

Do you hate any of these countries?


  1. logical world citizen

    Indians rape women in mass! Hahahaha. I seriously don’t think you realize the implication of this statement that augments the falsified reality. Of course, being the 2nd most populated country , there are bound to be great number of misogynistic assholes like any other country and sadly, yes rapes do happen. And plus, the skewed sex ratio doesn’t help either. But that said, when you have the presence of the most cantankerous and noisy media which loves to concentrate on the social ills rather than the social achievements, I am not too surprised that you ma’am/sir, didn’t think twice before painting 1/7th (make it 1/14th as we are speaking about the rapist men) as sexually deviant. Bottomline is, rape is as heinous as a crime can get and should be abhorred cutting across boundaries. And so should be the dissemination of information that claims to be bonafide. (Read: your list). Thank you and namaste.

  2. Really, Israel kills people all the time for not being Jewish Where on earth did you get that? Israel is at war with Palestine? There is no such country. That’s like claiming that the French are at war with Burgundy. And the U.K. developed slavery eh? That stuff that the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Chinese, the Romans, the Vikings, the Turks and the Moors did to people of ALL Ethnicities, for thousands of years, what was that? The British are almost solely responsible for making slavery illegal world wide, spending the lives of it’s soldiers and a great deal of the public treasury to do so. All for no gain, only to have people like you twist the facts of history and tell lies like this article. Let’s remember, it is only the Islamofascists that are currently trying their hardest to return slavery to our world.


  4. Its bulshit total bulshit, realy? Israel is realy an contry that fight all the time, but not from the resons that worte in heir..israel attcted by trroist gropes like hamas and hizzbla and need to dfend on her slef, you said that israel fhigt with palestine, can i ask what palestine? The contry is doesn’t exsist..israel fight ih hamas that frow rocats on her that hert in her ctisans.. From the day she born people are hate her..its eisy to hate its hared to love. As a jew my pepole past alot becuse of hute..i asking you, the Nazis hute jews, is this ok?? The jews killed because of un coruct romers and hute i asking you to checking things before you gdge things.