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Top 10 Best Coffee Houses in the World 2015

Whenever we feel stressed and tired, a cup of coffee gives us a refreshing and amazing feel. There is not always a way to get full freshness other than having coffee or tea. If you are fond of visiting a coffee house often, then you would be aware with the popular coffee chains running in your city. Check this list of top 10 best coffee houses in the world 2015.

10. The Coffee Academics in Hong Kong

The Coffee Academics in Hong Kong is a prestigious coffee house that presents classic coffee. You can have the chance to sit in a relaxing atmosphere. There are multiple stores of this coffee making brand spread all over the city. It offers lattes sweetened with organic raw agave nectar and spiced with ground black pepper.

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9. Cielito Querido Café in Mexico City

The Cielito Querido Café is one of the cutest cafés of Mexico City. Its enchanting atmosphere and friendly staff would serve you the finest experience. Here you are not only served with tea, and traditional black coffee, but also freshly baked conchitas and piping-hot rompope cappuccino.

8. Dreamy Camera Cafe in Yangpyeong, South Korea

This is yet another great coffee spot in the world. It is situated in South Korea. Order an iced Americano, because this would give you a perfect sip of something highly refreshing from the inside. There are a number of yummy snacks offered along-with coffee and tea.

7. Workshop Coffee in London

The Workshop Coffee in London is known as the finest coffee roaster. This is where you can sit and enjoy delicious coffee along with some nicest snacks. The coffee and tea are prepared keeping in mind the taste requirements of the customers. This coffee house is visited by thousands of people every day.

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6. Coffee Collective in Copenhagen

The Coffee Collective is situated in Copenhagen. This offers you delicious coffee. Stroll in for fresh brewed cup of joe and or enjoy milk-tea. It also serves the guests with great and delicious espresso as well as traditional-style cappuccino.

5. Rosetta Roastery in Cape Town, South Africa

The Rosetta Roastery is based in Cape Town, South Africa. Its black-and-white interior would give you a nice look. There is always much crowd inside especially during the weekends. The sop offers some popular soft drinks, fresh juices, coffee, and tea along with snacks, sandwiches, and French fries.

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4. Forty Ninth Parallel in Vancouver

The Forty Ninth Parallel in Vancouver is what you should not miss to visit. Here espresso of multiple tastes is offered proudly. Don’t think that you would be served with some similar tastes. You would always have some unique tastes of coffee and tea. The espresso is offered with doughnuts and bakery items.

3. 3FE in Dublin

3FE is based in Dublin. The vibrant environment of this coffee house would give you complete peace and calm. Get rid of day-to-day hectic and bored life and enjoy some leisure moments here. The costs of the coffee, espresso, tea, an eatables are very reasonable.

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2. Addison & Steele in Perth, Australia

Here at Addison & Steele of Australia, you would have your coffee brewed by a fire and siphon. Experience some special tastes and enjoy proper cup of coffee in the relaxing environment of this spot. If you are in Perth, don’t forget to visit this place.

1. Drop Coffee Roasters in Stockholm

The Drop Coffee Roasters is situated in Stockholm. This friendly Swedish shop has relaxing and welcoming environment and the staff members are very friendly. The coffee house would make your experience amazing. Here you are served with some finest tastes of coffee, tea, and bakery items.

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