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Most Beautiful Greek Women

Of all the submissive and most beautiful women in the world, Greek women are the leading both in terms of fame and beauty. The beauty of Greek women has been passed from the times of Aphrodite Helen of Troy down to many generations. Perhaps, they have a goddess-like beauty that makes them seem like acts of perfection. If you have ever been to Greece, then you will back me in saying this. They possess incredible beauty and have the capability of making any mortal man shake. Want to know who they are? Read the below top 5 most beautiful Greek women.

5. Julia Alexandratou

Julia Alexandratou is just a perfect blonde to say. Believe it; she dominates various beauty pages. She is a legendary host and appears on several TV shows. Julia has become the most successful Greek woman in her modeling career. Additionally, Alexandratou has got a long series of music albums most of the have gone beyond the mountains. She has blue eyes, platinum blond hair, weighs 56 kg and has a height of 1.78 meters. She is a glamorous model, singer, and actress. So much can be said about this beauty icon but know that she has it.

4. Christina Koletsa

Koletsa is a great pop and techno music icon. What is so much surprising about this lady is that most men find themselves watching her songs though most of them do not understand what she is saying. Christina has also done TV shows and movies such as the Inbetweeners of 2011. She is gorgeous and strikingly beautiful.

3. Maria Louisa Vourou

If you watch ShowBiz News’, then you should know this woman. She has the most fabulous body that makes the eyes of many fans glued to her. She is featured in most magazines such as Maxim and TV shows due to her independent body. Louisa has the most adored and admired looks. Maria has played a pivotal role in painting the active face of Greek women. She is stunningly beautiful, and her beauty can transform a dull face.

2. Helena Paparizou

Helena is a chart-leader who will not miss in the top 5 beautiful Greek women list. She has a fantastic and hot looking body. You will find her in most contests. She won the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest. Helena is a Greek-Swedish songwriter, singer and TV personality. She endorsed various brands such as Ivi and Nokia. She has won several awards in her career. Helena is not only beautiful but also a smart girl.

1. Evelina Papantoniou

Evelina tops the list of most beautiful women in Greece. In 2001, she won several beauty awards and represented her country in the Miss Universe Competitions. She became the first runner-up in the competition. Evelina is a model and a designer who specializes in sculptures and magazines. Her beauty is unmatched, and you will not miss complimenting.

Conclusion: Ideally, Greek women are blessed with the beauty you can fail to note. They have finely tuned bodies with professionally chiseled faces. They are also famous. Greek women are like angels sent from above.

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