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Most Beautiful Norwegian Women

Norway is a popular Viking country boasting with legends of beautiful maidens. If you are planning to date a Norwegian girl, then get ready to fall in love with an angel. These women are capable of radiating immense beauty, strength, and reliability. It still appears like a mystery but believe it, maybe it is due to the equal rights thing. In fact, they are more respected than men. Norwegian women boast of an active lifestyle, and this is why you will not find anyone of them overweight. Their common characteristics are tall stature, light hair, and eye colorization. They are well-versed in all aspects. Norwegian girls are identical in beauty as Swedish, German and Estonian girls. However, the difference comes in their habits. Their movements are not feminine. Much can be said but know that they are the hottest in whole Scandinavia. Have a look at the following top 5 most beautiful Norwegian women.

5. Kristina Knaben Hennestad

Kristina is a well-known actress and a popular, beautiful Norwegian model. She has starred in several films among them Pornopung, Joyride, and Skumringslandet. Kristina has one of the most stunning looks and well-matched body and facial features that make her the most beautiful Norwegian model. She exudes beauty right from her toe to head.

4. Monica Hansen

Monica is a Norwegian model, TV personality and a fashion designer. She won the 1997 Miss Universe Norway pageant and emerged the winner. She has all a model should have. Monica has posed for several beauty magazines such as Maxim, Esquire, and Stuff. In fact, she was named as Maxim’s woman in 2006. In the same year, she was nicknamed the babe of the month in a Playboy magazine. She is so hot when she is in a swimsuit. In Dec 2013, she formed a Californian LLC under her name Monica Hansen Beachwear. Hansen appeared as Monica Fox in the TV show Battledome. She has contributed immensely to building the beauty page of Norwegian women. Monica is a fashionable and very successful model who sailed to great heights in the entertainment industry.

3. Siri Tollerod

Siri was born on 18th August 1987 in Kristiansand Norway. She is one beautiful model with blue eyes and blonde hair. She has been photographed by most photographers and has covered the top pages of magazines and editions. She possesses the most feminine and beautiful body shapes. She has worked on an endless list of profile campaigns and among them include Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Chanel and much more. She is a hot Norwegian model that can’t fail to impress and move you.

2. Marion Raven

She is aged 32 and was born in Lorenskog Norway on 25 May 1984. She is a singer, songwriter, music presenter as well as an actress. She has played a very active role in the entertainment industry. Marion has got the most beautiful profiles around. Raven enjoys her singing career and spends most of her time writing songs. She does many categories of songs including rock and pop. Raven has been successful in her career, and much of it comes from her talent and charming personality. Every time she appears on stage, she moves her audience with the unique features she possesses.

1. Natassia Malthe

Natassia Malthe was born on 19th January 1974. She is an actress and a model. She was born and raised in Oslo in Norway. She is a Norwegian-bred girl with all the beauty features and unique personality you cannot find in other girls. She has played a vital role in movies such as BloodRayne, Dead or Alive Skinwalkers, and Elektra. She is also an accomplished spokesperson and a dancer. Her gallery is filled with hot pictures. Natassia tops in the list of the most beautiful Norwegian women. She is a well-mannered girl, and you must have come across some of her photos in publications and editorials.

Conclusion: Norway is blessed with most beautiful angels who are well versed in all aspects. They have the beauty that you cannot fail to complement. They have tall bodies with highly chiseled features. They are also famous and multitalented. They have made Norway one of the smartest countries in the world. They are confident in their personalities, and most of them have attained the highest education standards. Norwegian women are not like drama queens and love a worry-less lifestyle.


  1. 3. Siri Tollerød - that picture is not her, but the Dutch model Bregje Heinen.

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