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Top 10 Richest Countries in the World in 2016

It is true that there are many countries with high GDP. These nations have built themselves with lots of developmental projects and create more chances of the jobs for local and international youngsters. Here we are discussing top 10 richest countries in the world in 2016.

10. UAE: Gulf Country: ($42,080)

United Arab Emirates is one of the highest grossing countries in the world. UAE is gifted by the natural resources especially oil. Great job opportunities are created for manpower of domestic and international level in UAE.

9. Australia: Asian Country: ($44,598)

Australia is quite a famous country, known for its remarkable tourist attractions. It is a superb state that provides the people with high class educational and healthcare facilities. The GDP of Australia is increasing tremendously.

8. Hong Kong: Asian Country: ($50,936)

Hong Kong, a place where people come with lots of expectations in their minds. This Asian country has created many nice projects in almost all fields of life. Tourism industry of Hong Kong is also great.

7. United States: America Continent: ($51,704)

USA is one of the leading countries in the business world, but it is somewhat behind due to the reason that America spends lots of dollars on wars and social conflicts. Americans are provided with great paying jobs, and rights of freedom.

6. Switzerland: European Country: GDP Per Capita: ($53,367)

Switzerland is a rich country with reliable GDP per capita income. The per person earning of individuals of Switzerland is very high. Projects are initiated to make sure that people get no financial problems.

5. Norway: European Country: GDP Per Capita: ($65,640)

Norway has been in the list of richest countries because of its well developed economical industry. Norway has created multiple jobs, provides education and medical facilities to the individuals.

4. Macau: GDP Per Capita: ($87,765)

Macau is a popular and well developed country. It has been known for its top notch economic projects and people are provided with almost all facilities of life. The GDP of Macau is increasing and soon this country would top any of such lists, hopefully.

3. Luxembourg: European Country: GDP Per Capita: ($91,388)

Luxembourg is one of the richest countries in the world, as per the reports of IMF, and World Bank. It has kept control over the employment level and people are provided with great education facilities.

2. Singapore: Asian Country: GDP Per Capita: ($91,388)

Singapore is one more top notch and wonderful country with high grossing. Singapore is a land of dreams, opportunities, and lots of facilities provided to its citizens.

1. Qatar: Arab Country:  GDP Per Capita: ($100,889)

Qatar is one of the most improved and powerful countries in the world. It has gotten better with the passage of time. This country has no short of beautiful places. Qatar is where people come to fulfill their dreams.

Do you live in any of these countries?

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