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Most Beautiful Black Actresses

Black History Month will be here once again in February 2017. Along with the political and social equality that African Americans eventually received, it also made it possible for them to break into Hollywood. Today, black actresses as popular as their white colleagues and are some of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood. 2001 was a game-changing moment when Halle Berry became the first African American actress to win a Best Actress Academy Award. So, here are the top 5 of these most beautiful and gorgeous African American actresses who are truly stunning beauties.

5. Nia Long

Nia Long has been acting for over 25 years and along the years, she has evidently found a recipe to look great and stay youthful. Nia believes that there is nothing better than natural. For her skin, she apparently tries her best to use natural-based products. As a plus point, she eats quite a healthy diet since she was a vegetarian growing up, which has obviously contributed towards her beauty.

Nia has also openly claimed that she has not undergone Botox nor has she gotten any fillers, so her beauty is truly au naturale. Even though it does not seem so, she claims to suffer from really dry skin like other black women. Fortunately, she keeps her skin very hydrated and it definitely shows.

4. Meagan Good

Meagan Good is the youngest black actress on this list, and she is equally beautiful and gorgeous. She currently stars in NBC’s primetime soap opera Deception and looks quite sexy as the series’ leading lady. Apparently, one of the reasons Meagan looks so beautiful is because she does 45-minute workouts, four to five times a week, which include bodyweight exercises and jogging/running on the treadmill.

While she was probably able easily maintain her body weight back in her 20s, she now apparently eats as healthy as she can. Some of her other beauty secrets include drinking plenty of protein shakes, not depriving herself and taking vitamins. Despite the busy, beautiful actress that she is, she also tries her best to rest, consume a lot of water and keep her moisturized.

3. Angela Bassett

Anyone who watched 2016 Primetime Emmy Award would have been quite stunned by how beautiful Angela Basset looked, despite her being 58 years old. It is hard to believe that it has been more than 30 years have passed since Angela has been gracing the big and small screens, yet it seems like she has barely aged or has aged in reverse.

Some would assume that she covers herself in cosmetics, but that is actually not the reason behind her age-defying appearance and complexion. Apparently, she prefers not wearing too much makeup. Instead, Angela gives her mother credit for helping her develop awareness for her skin, which is the reason it is always so clean and clear. Moreover, she is also planning to debut a skin-care line for black women like her.

2. Kerry Washington

Along with being the star of hit political thriller TV series Scandal, Kerry Washington happens to be the face of Neutrogena. This obviously means that she is quite serious when it comes to makeup. Along with being naturally gorgeous, apparently she is a bit of a nerdy expert when it comes to beauty products.

It is hard to believe that Kerry grew up struggling with acute eczema and it is a good thing that she was able to manage it. Kerry herself has claimed that “beauty is an inside-out thing” and that is why she is quite particular about nutrition, which explains her flawless and radiant skin. It turns out that she had a fondness for beauty products ever since childhood.

1. Halle Berry

Back in 2014, Halle’s ex Gabriel Aubrey and her current spouse Olivier Martinez had a literal fight over her, which is understandable since he is definitely worth fighting for. Not only is one of the most beautiful black actresses of all time, she has also taken on some of Hollywood’s hottest roles in films like Monster’s Ball, Die Another Day and the X-Men series.

Halle’s flawless, glowing, smooth and youthful complexion almost makes her look like she is in her 20s, even though she is surprisingly 50 years old. Prior to her acting career, Halle has also done a lot of modeling and taken part in beauty pageants. In 2001, Halle had also become the first black actress to win an Academy Award for the Best Actress in a Leading Role.

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