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Top 10 Most Popular Urban Legends of All Time

Whether they have had been a part of a solved mystery or unsolved, the male and female legends always get their prominent place in our hearts. It is evitable from the history and cultures of different states that the urban legends are more prominent than rural legends. Here are the top 10 most popular urban legends of all time. I am sure you will love to know more about them and will find this list to be useful.

10. Mr. Rogers:

It was a famous Navy SEAL. He used to wear only a sweated with a lot of tattoos on it. Mr. Rogers’s uniform, however, had no tattoo. For a long, he had been a part of humorous stories.

9. Bloody Mary:

He was one of the most popular urban legends of all time. From his school life, he used to turn his parts of life into myths and stories. He used to participate in stage shows and finally became a recognized person.

8. Walt Disney:

Walt Disney is Cryogenically Frozen. He remained a part of various fantasy stories, especially those that belonged to Disney worlds and imaginary ideas. The Walt Disney became a legend of all the time since when he cremated his first show in 1966.

7. Sewer Gators:

The story of Sewer Gators is about the several alligators. These were brought from Florida in New York. This legend has had been fantastic of all the time. It remained in news for a long and got various appreciations.

6. The Kidney Heist:

The Kidney Heist remained immortalize on television and internet. This legend started in 1997 and was circulated all over the world, receiving bundles of appreciations.

5. The Killer in the Backseat:

The Killer in the Backseat is yet another one of the greatest legends in the world. It is a story of a female who drives down a dark road during the night and her car is pulled by the flash. She exits from it and approaches another driveway. This is how this legend moves on towards its climax. Sounds interesting?

4. Humans Can Lick Too:

This legend is probably one of the most amazing urban legends. It is the story of a girl and her dog. It represents the simple and sound feeling of this girl and how she comes back from the problems of life. The legend ends when she says “humans can lick too”.

3. The Jedi Religion Form:

The Jedi Religion Form is all about a hoax claim of Jedi. He sees thousands of ups and downs in his life and during the time he becomes an official agent.

2. Snuff Films:

This urban legend received a lot of admires all over the world. It has a fantastic and simple story of a murderer. The twists of this legend are enough to captivate your attention.

1. The 9/11 Tourist Guy:

This legend is about the 9/11 incident of America. It was being presented in a highly impressive way. The story of World Trade Centers is also discussed, accompanying the experience of being in the airplane which is high-jacked.

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