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Top 10 Most Successful Fashion Brands in 2015

These days a lot of fashion companies are dominating the world’s customers. Looking great, in fact unique is what the desire of many of us. In an urge to have trendy costumes and fashion-oriented accessories, we turn ourselves to designer products or the ones that are too expensive. Some of the brands can be credited for providing us affordable items and the ones that match our fashion requirements. Check this list of top 10 most successful fashion brands in 2015.

10. Burberry

Burberry Group plc is mostly known as Burberry. This is a luxurious fashion house of Britain. The company was established in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. Now it is headquartered in London and operates the world over, having three sub-brands named Burberry Prorsum, Burberry London and Burberry Brit. The brand value is about USD3.2 billion.

9. Rolex

Rolex SA, commonly known as Rolex, is a widely popular brand. This is known for its quality watches and timepieces. Other than this, Rolex also deals in luxurious handbags, and appealing jewelry items. The Swiss watch company was founded in 1905 by Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf. It started its operation in London and by 1919, its operations were moved to Switzerland, the current headquarter is in Geneva, Switzerland. The brand value is approximately USD3.6 billion.

8. Hermès

Hermès International S.A., mostly known as Hermès Paris or Hermès, is a French fashion brand. It was established in 1837. The brand value is approximately USD4.1 billion. This French company manufactures top notch dresses, handbags, perfumes, and other accessories for the customers. One of its signature items is the Orange Handbags that has been sold at around USD4100 each.

7. Louis Vuitton

With the brand value of around USD12 billion, Louis Vuitton Malletier is another great French company. It is often referred to as Louis Vuitton or LV. This fashion house was founded by Louis Vuitton in 1984. It is crowned for being one of the most valuable brands in the world. It mainly deals in watches, designer dresses, amazing fragrances, and handbags.

6. Cartier

Société Cartier, mostly known as Cartier, is a manufacturer of jewelry and wristwatches. The company was founded by Louis-François Cartier in 1847, in Paris and is still headquartered in Paris, run by CEO Stanislas de Quercize. It is one of the most amazing fashion brands with the approximate value of USD5.2 billion. Currently, it is selling its items in more than 125 countries.

5. Coach

Coach, Inc. is a luxury leather goods company of USA. It was founded in Manhattan, New York, in 1941. Currently, the company’s CEO is Lewis Frankfort. As of the records, Coach has more than 1200 stores in USA, Canada, UK, and parts of Asia. The brand value is approximately USD5.4 billion. Coach has also collaborated with Billy Reid to produce some very stylish and gorgeous handbags.

4. Fendi

Fendi is a luxurious clothing and fashion brand of Italy. It was established in Rome, in 1925, by Adele Casagrande. The approximate brand value is USD5.6 billion, and its headquarter is in Rome, Italy. The company deals in luxurious goods and designer costumes. The handbags of Fendi are known the world over for being unique, stylish, and very impressive. Some of them are worth over USD12000 per piece.

3. Chanel

Chanel has brand value of USD7.3 billion. This privately run French company was founded by Coco Chanel in 1909. Today, Chanel is owned by Alain and Gerard Wertheimer, the grandsons of the initial business partners. The company is headquartered in Paris, and manufactures classic handbags, perfumes, costumes for men and women. The Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Bag was sold at approximately USD241,000.

2. Prada

Prada S.P.A., mostly known as Prada, is a well admired fashion house of Italy. It was established in 1913 by Mario Prada, and is currently headquartered in Milan, Italy. Its CEO is Patrizio Bertelli. Prada’s brand value is USD10 billion approximately. This brand has its over 2000 stores across America, and Europe.

1. Gucci

Gucci has taken the first place in our list of most luxurious brand. Gucci was founded in Florence in 1921, by Guccio Gucci. The brand value, currently, is around USD13 billion, and it is owned by Kering, a French company. The company has a repute to deal in shoes, fragrances, dresses, and attractive handbags. Gucci has launched various signature items for the celebrities.

What do you feel which brand is the finest?

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