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10 Shocking Similarities between Taylor Swift and Kurt Cobain

In 1989, a trio of young musicians known collectively as Nirvana released their debut album titled Bleach. The album received mixed reviews, but the trio could get lots of fame.

That’s said, Taylor Swift and Kurt Cobain are two popular and distinctive personalities. Do you know there are some things which are similar in both of them? Here are given 10 shocking similarities between Taylor Swift and Kurt Cobain.

10. Inspiration for the Youth

Kurt Cobain has helped shape Teen Spirit into more than just a song or a catchphrase but a full-on movement. On the other hand, Taylor Swift has given us a world of young girls. Both of these stars are inspiration for the youth of today.


9. Songwriting

Songwriting skills are present in both Kurt and Taylor. Cobain wins any songwriting battle but this doesn’t mean Taylor is behind the race. This lady is known for her deeply personal words and great lyrics.


8. Voice of a Generation

Taylor Swift is the voice of a generation and Kurt is also doing good stuff for the generation of these days. Both artists proved to be talented and always bring something amazing.


7. Looks

Taylor Swift has a face that resembles porcelain. Her blue eyes and golden blonde hairs make her look great. On the other hand, Kurt Cobain presents himself as a dirt-bag. The looks of the two stars resemble a lot. Believe it or not but this is true.

6. Drama

Kurt and Taylor, both are fond of being involved in drama. Cobain defined the culture – leaving an indelible impression on the music industry. Swift loves being a pop idol – almost to a point of delusion.

5. Fashion

Sense of fashion of Taylor and Kurt is simply superb. Both stars look sensational, and trendy in their gorgeous outfits, and kinds of unique footwear. Their looks are always more than wonderful. Am I right?

4. Feuds

While his time as a celebrity was short, Kurt Cobain managed to be in a few celebrity feuds, mostly with Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses. Taylor, on the other hand, has also been into feuds with celebs like Katy Perry, etc.

3. Guitar Skills

Taylor is a musician and has great guitar playing skills. She is certainly not a musician and that is alright. Kurt also has been fond of playing guitar. He, in fact, began his career as a guitar player on domestic level.

2. Misunderstood

Kurt remains like a mystery most of times, and is always misunderstood by the media and fans. The same goes right for Taylor. This lady never opens her opinions and remains in her limitations mostly.

1. Troubles with Love

Both of the stars found troubles with love. Taylor has been unlucky in love for quite a while. Kurt, on the other hand, may have found love with Courtney Love but the couple is not satisfied with this relationship.

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