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Top 10 Best Polish Actors of All Time

There are numerous actors and actresses from Poland who got international fame. The male celebrities have been incredible and long ruled the big screen. Explore the list of top 10 best Polish actors of all time.

10. Antoni Pawlicki

Antoni is a young and talented Polish actor. He has been starred in 21 movies and is highly sought after. He played superb role in Sławomir Fabicki. Antoni is known to give superb performance. He has been nominated for the Zbigniew Cybulski Award for his 2007 role as Robert in Maciej Pieprzyca’s Splinters. He also played good roles like Andrzej Wajda in Katyń and Michał Kwieciński in Tomorrow We Are Going to the Movies.

9. Dawid Ogrodnik

Dawid Ogrodnik has been a part of the Paktofonika team with Marcin Kowalczyk. He received various award during his acting career like Best Supporting Actor 2012. Dawid is always reminded for his great acting skills. He has worked with theatre directors like Krystian Lupa, Grzegorz Jarzyna, Paweł Miśkiewicz, and Maja Kleczewska.

8. Tomasz Schuchardt

Tomasz is a charismatic, mysterious Polish actor. He has been a part of numerous movies like Leszek Dawid’s You Are God which was a big hit. Tomasz also acts in theatre, and has been working at the Stefan Jaracz Theatre in Łodz. He has received numerous awards during his career.

7. Piotr Głowacki

Piotr is an incredible and notable Polish actor. He was first noticed in Waldemar Krzystek’s 80 Million, the Polish 2013 Oscar Foreign Language Film candidate, playing the role of a bad guy. This role made him land the Zbigniew Cybulski Award and the Golden Duck 2012 award nominations. He has been famous for his amazing acting skills.

6. Jakub Gierszał

Jakub is an honorable actor of the era. He is a former fashion model. His screen debut was in 2009 as Kazik in Jacek Borcuch’s film All That I Love. Gierszał then appeared in Piotr Mularuk’s Yuma as Zyga. Jakub has been nominated for many awards. He got the Polish Film Academy award in 2011. He has given many hit movies.

5. Mateusz Banasiuk

Nateusz is famous for his promising roles like in Tomasz Wasilewski’s Floating Skyscrapers. He graduated from the Warsaw Theatre Academy in 2011. He got numerous awards as a theater performance especially for his part in Bożena Suchocka’s Stracone zachody miłości and Adam Sajnuk’s Zaklęte rewiry.

4. Wojciech Zieliński

Wojciech is a wonderful Polish actor of the era. He has been known for his performance in Tomasz Lewskowicz’s Huśtawka, Ewa Stankiewicz’s Don’t Leave Me, Maciej Żak’s Supermarket, and Tadeusz Król’s Last Floor.

3. Marcin Hycnar

Marcin has swiftly moved from acting to direction field. In 2012, he directed Neil LaBute’s In a Dark Dark House at Kraków’s Juliusz Słowacki Theatre. He played supporting role in Maciej Wojtyszek’s Luiza’s Garden. Marcin has received numerous awards during his career.

2. Mateusz Kościukiewicz

Mateusz Kościukiewicz has been dubbed the Polish Leonardo DiCaprio and the new Zbigniew Cybulski. During his acting career, he got many awards. He has done work in both movies and on television. His feature movies are Andrzej Wajda’s Sweet Rush etc. Mateusz is a young and talented male celeb.

1. Marcin Kowalczyk

Marcin is a revolutionary Polish personality. He is a dedicated actor, model, and filmmaker. Marcin has won Best Debut at the Gdynia Film Festival for his role in You Are God, and the Zbyszek Cybulski Award for actors under 35 distinguished by a remarkable individuality. He is a successful and rich actor

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