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Jessica Alba Height, Weight, Body & Her Biography

Jessica Alba is a renowned American actress and businesswomen. Prior to joining the acting industry, she was a model. She posed for some of top fashion magazines of America when she was just 13. She was born on April 28, 1981 and graduated from high school when she was sixteen years old. Throughout her teenage years, she attended Catholic Church which she later left after she felt like she was being judged for her appearance. Older men used to hit on her and her youth pastor claimed that it was because she wore provocative clothing.

Jessica Alba Bio

Facts About Jessica Alba Height and Weight

Her real name is Jessica Marie Alba and she was born in Pomona, California. Her height is 1.69 m or 5.55 feet and her weight is 56 kilograms or 123.5 pounds. Her mother is called Catherine Louisa while her father is called Mark David Alba. Her early life was marked with a lot of physical maladies, including collapsed lungs (twice), pneumonia, asthma, a tonsillar cyst and ruptured appendix. Because of these illnesses, she was usually isolated from other children at school. Despite the hardships she went through in her childhood, she rose to become one of the prominent women in the world. In 2006, her appeared in the list of Askmen’s most desirable women and also called a sex symbol. Her first few appearances in the film industry were in The Secret World of Alex Mark and Camp Nowhere.


Jessica Alba’s big break came when was selected by writer/director James Cameron from a pool of over 1200 candidates to play the role of a genetically engineered soldier in science fiction series called Dark Angel. From that time, she has been unstoppable. She has stirred in many other popular movies and cemented her name in Hollywood as one of the women to reckon with. And she later admitted to suffering from anorexia when she was preparing for her role in Dark Angel. Other movies that she has stirred in include Never Been Kissed, Idle Hands, The Sleeping Dictionary, Fantastic Four, Sun City, just to mention but a few.

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Personal Relationships

From January 2000 to August 2003, Jessica Alba was in a relationship with Michael Weatherly who is also a renowned Hollywood celebrity. She also dated Paul Walker for months and then started dating Sergio Garcia in December 2003. She dated quite a number of Hollywood stars without being able to create a strong relationship with any one of them, including Derek Jeter and Mark Wahlberg. After being exhausted with the search for a strong relationship, Jessica finally tied a knot with Cash Warren in Beverly Hills Courthouse in 2008. As of now, she is still living successfully with her husband and has two daughters. She is one of the few celebrities that have maintained stable marriages in Hollywood.

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Nominations and Awards

Jessica has been received well in the popular culture. The role she played in Dark Angel enabled her to get the Teen Choice of Award for choice actress and a Saturn Award for best actress. She received an MTV Movie Award in 2006 for sexiest performance for her role in Sin City. She also received various nominations for roles she has played in different movies, including Into The Blue, Fantastic Four, Good Luck Chuck and Awake.

Charity and Politics

Jessica has done a lot of charity work since she became famous, including participation with Clothes Off Our Back, Project Home RADD, Habitat for Humanity, SOS Children Villages, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and many more. During the 2008 primary season, she endorsed and expressed her support for presidential hopeful, Barrack Obama. She is also an ambassador for the 1Goal movement that provides education to children on the continent of Africa. Jessica is also a strong supporter of gay rights.

Interesting Facts About Jessica Alba

- She is good at golf

- She co-founded a company called Honest

- She has two dogs called Sid and Nancy

- She has a younger brother who is called Joshua

- She has a Mexican descent from the father’s side but she did not have a good understanding of Spanish at some point.

- She is also referred to as a sex symbol.

- Favorite food: Pizza, salad and grilled chicken

- Nick Name: Sky Angel, Skank Butt

- Sun Sign: Taurus

- Eye Color: Dark Brown

- Hair Color: Dark Brown

- Dress Size: 2 (US)

- Shoe Size: 8

- Bra Size: 34B

- Religion: Christian

Jessica Alba

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