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Top 10 Biggest Protests in the History

Many protests have changed the course of the history, because you can never underestimate the power of a common man. When millions of ordinary men unite for one cause, then no power in the world can stop them. Let’s go in depth of the 10 biggest protests in the history and see how they revolutionized the world through their protest.


10. The Storming of Bastille:

There are many protests among the French revolution but when the Parisians descended on the Bastille it marked the end of an era, which led to the beheading of the Governor and conquering the prison. This one act of July 14 marks as a symbol of French revolution, this acted as a strong catalyst against the 10 year rebellion of the crown.

9. The Massacre at Tiananmen Square:

Millions of students who had peacefully secured the Tiananmen Square for a hope of democratic reform were ruthlessly killed through tanks and soldiers. All the protestors who had peacefully occupied the Tiananmen Square in Beijing protested for 7 weeks when the military suddenly sent tanks to clear them out which led to the death of hundreds of protestors.

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8. Berlin Wall Protests:

The wall which had separated East and West Berlin for 28 years was taken down after two months of public protests throughout Germany; there was a lot of pressure on the Government to take down the wall since 1989 which finally happened on November 9.

7. Protest of Iraq War:

Before the Iraq invasion there were a lot of protests all around the world, the biggest of the protests was seen in the London Junction where nearly 1 million people gathered to cease the invasion of Iraq. But despite all the efforts the invasion took place in March 2003.

6. The Orange Revolution:

During the Ukrainian presidential election thousands of people stormed through the Kiev’s main square to protest against the results of the election. Eventually the results had to be reverted after the protest which carried on for 12 days after which the opposition candidate was granted the office and his party color was orange.

5. The School Strike of Soweto:

This protest led by Nelson Mandela and resulted in him being imprisoned was started by school pupils. The students started walking out on their schools in Soweto due to the fact that they were taught only in Afrikaans. The land of Soweto was in a lot of threat and almost 600 people were killed during this protest.

4. Burntollet Bridge Democracy:

A journey from Belfast to Derry is another exciting protest where the students of Northern Ireland Civil right association stood for discrimination against Catholics and democratic voting. The protestors were full of excitement and kept shouting, ‘we shall overcome’ unfortunately they were attacked by a group of Orangemen and the protest ended in disappointment.

3. The Million Man March:

The negative media stereotypes of black males was always a major issue, until it was tackled in the million man March. This protest was led by nation of Islam head Louis Farrakhan, millions of black males stood up for their rights.


2. March for Women’s Lives:

The women’s rights and lives was always a major issue in the society until 2004 where millions of women protesters gathered to gain abortion rights. With millions of people this protest easily became one of the biggest in history.

1. Worst Economic Depression and Coxey’s Army:

The worst economic depression in history of U.S was in 1894, where a group of jobless people led by a socialist politician by the name Jacob Coxey. They decided to demand the government to hire them in their public projects. The entire army of Jacob was greeted by U.S army and Coxy was arrested, but not before making a memorable protest.

Although these protests have so far become a part of human history, but still they are considered to be the most severe and biggest of all the times.

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