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Top 10 Countries with Highest Exports 2015

These days, there is tough competition among the countries to export more and more items. The human beings, in fact, want to dominate one another in the business sectors. The role of export in strengthening a nation’s economy cannot be ignored. Some of the world’s countries have input a lot of efforts and dedication to increase their export graph. Check the top 10 countries with highest exports 2015.

10. South Africa

South Africa is famous for its fully empowered tourism industry. At the same time, this country has great export rate. The quality of its export products is quite satisfactory. South Africa is full of natural resources. It exports many of its factory items, and has an estimated annual export of USD56 millions.

9. Italy

Italy is a country famous for its cuisines, vehicles, marvelous accommodation and luxury lifestyle. The economy of Italy has been well strengthened by the export. The quality of export products of Italy is fair enough. An estimated annual earning of Italy from the export is USD60 millions.

8. India

India is not a developed country, still its name is taken with pride in the export field. The government has taken good care of its financial situation, and has raised the export rate in the last few years. India earns USD70 million annually from the export items.

7. United States of America

America is the superpower. This country is famous for its export quality tea, war-fair equipments and digital weapons. It also exports vehicles of top brands, as well as airplanes. America’s earnings from the export industry is around USD80 million per year, which the government tends to increase in the next few years.

6. China

China has been giving tough competition to other countries with its plenty of high quality products. China exports from a needle to airplane at some of the cheapest prices, but the reliability of the items is never compromised. China makes around USD90 million annually from its exports.

5. Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful land. It is a multi-cultural country with strong economy and finance. Turkey is where east meets with wet. The plus point to be a Turkish is that you can easily become an exporter once got approval and license from the government. Turkey’s annual export is over USD100 millions.

4. Netherlands

Netherlands is a worth to see country, known for its strong and reliable economy. Thanks to the well developed export industry of Netherlands which makes the government bag lots of amount. Netherlands exports agriculture resources, the tools used in the agriculture and horticulture, and various other items, and make around USD120 millions.

3. Germany

Germany exports high quality machinery and electronics. It is also famous for its branded mobile phones and tech accessories as well as laptops. Germany makes USD150 million annually from its export industry which has made this nation one of well developed and famous.

2. France

France is known for its high quality fabric and outfit exports. It is not only a country with high profile fashion industry but has been famous for producing top quality fabrics and textiles. France exports a big amount of textiles and branded fashion accessories, making about USD45 million annually.

1. United Kingdom

United Kingdom has topped our list. One of the secrets of UK for being a developed nation is its top quality export industry. Its strong economy much depends on the export units, from which it makes over USD50 millions.

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