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Top 10 Deadliest Poisons Known to Humanity

Despite the fact that no one wants to use the poisons willingly, still we love to know about them. There are several poisons which are quite harmful and dangerous for the human beings. Some of them are so severe that immediate death can occur or leave a lot of aftereffects. Here are the top 10 deadliest poisons known to humanity.

10. Arsenic:

Arsenic is one of the most deadliest poisons known to humanity. It was first discovered in 16th century by an Italian family of Borgias. Some people also name it to be an ancient Napoleon poison containing extremely dangerous ingredients. It can cause immediate death if taken even in a minor amount.

9. Batrachotoxin:

Batrachotoxin poison is said to be present on the skins of dart frogs. These frogs naturally produce this poison and it doesn’t harm them. But when the large animals like crocodiles eat these frogs, they are likely to be killed in no time. This poison has different levels of severity.

8. Agent Orange:

Agent Orange is an artificially prepared poison by Dow Chemicals and Monsanto. It is one of the deadliest poisons known to humanity. It was first used in Vietnam Wars for killing the rivals and destroying the crops of the rural areas. This poison is prepared with a specific type of chemical known as TCDD.

7. Sulfur Mustard:

The Sulfur Mustard belongs to the class of cytotoxic chemicals. This special type of poison is obtained by mixing the vesicant and cytotoxic chemicals and causes huge destruction in the lungs and stomach. This poison was developed by Wilhelm Lommel and Wilhelm Steinkopf for Imperial German Army.

6. Zyklon B:

This poison was first developed in Germany during World War II. The purpose of developing this poison was to kill the pests which seemed to be dominating the land in 1941. Zyklon B contains diatomite and other forms of dangerous contents obtained from peas. This poison is largely being manufactured by a German company but its use is strictly forbid.

5. Hydrofluoric Acid:

Hydrofluoric Acid is a highly dangerous poison. It is used in different industries like metalwork and firework industries for making the Teflon. This poison is highly exposed to human skin this is why the industry workers adapt special measures to get rid of its side-effects.

4. Ricin:

Ricin is obtained from castor bean. It is one of the deadliest poisons known to humanity. Even a minor dose of this poison can lead you to death. This poison basically attacks on the cells and proteins present in your digestive and blood circulatory system.

3. Cyanide:

Cyanide is a very famous and one of the highly toxic lethal poisons ever known to us. It is an ancient poison and takes only a few minutes to kill the animals and humans. This poison has been recognized as a prompt-acting ingredient to affect the mitochondria of your cells.

2. Anthrax:

Anthrax is yet another highly toxic and one of the deadliest poisons known to humanity. Its small dose causes flu and then can destroy your body systems, leading to sudden heart attack and suffocation. The common areas of its presence are USA, Europe and Africa.

1. Brodifacoum:

Deadliest Poisons Known to Humanity

Brodifacoum was also developed during the World War II. This highly dangerous poison is anticoagulant in nature. It reduces the amount of natural vitamins and proteins in your body tissues, leading them to get completely destroy and shrink in a couple of hours.

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