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Top 10 Beautiful Arab Women

Did you know that Arabic women are among the prettiest in the world? Perhaps, if you’ve been following fashion trends and entertainment shows, then you must have seen how they dominate. Arabic women have natural beauty that makes them unique, and attractive. Research shows that their elegance, charm, and beauty are a result of their religious practices of covering their entire bodies. It helps them preserve their natural beauty, silk, and smooth skin. Anxious to know who the top beautiful Arabic women are? Here is a list of them.

10. Hoda Fadel

She is a Lebanese TV host and a model. You must have seen her appearances in many modeling campaigns and ads. Hoda’s best show is Ghazl El Banat, a show that made her rose to fame and was announced on Rotana Music TV. Her cuteness and beauty place her in the top list of the beautiful Arabian women. She has unique curves and attractive give her a seductive profile.

9. Jenna Dewan

She was born on 3rd December 1980. She is an American dancer and actress. She had an Arabic descent and began her career as a backup to Janet Jackson. Jenna has played key roles in various NBC series such as The Playboy Club, Asylum, and Lifetime Series Witches of East End among others. She is a renowned actress, and her performances have grasped the attention of many. Jenna studied at Grapevine High School and later proceeded to the University of California. She featured dated actor Channing Tatum and was engaged in September 2008. She has sexy, and seductive eyes and her profile are unmatched.

8. Valerie Dominguez

Valerie was born in Syrian and has a Lebanese descent. She is among the most beautiful Arabian women. She was crowned as Miss Columbia in 2005. In 2006, she represented her country in Miss Universe contest and appeared on the top 10 list. Besides, she has worked and participated in a variety of TV shows. She has also starred in various shows filmed by Sony. She is hot and has a gorgeous look.

7. Yamila Diaz-Rahi

Yamila was born on March 9, 1976, to a Spanish mother and a Lebanese father. She is a superb model with Argentina descent. She studied in Buenos Aires in 1996 and later proceeded to Milan modeling agency. She featured in 2002 and 2006 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue magazine. Additionally, she has also appeared in many ads such as Ungaro’s Fleur de Diva and much more.

6. May Hariri

She was born on 24th December 1968. She is a famous Lebanese pop artist. She is an ex-wife to singer Melhem Barakat. She is a sensual and great captivating lady with a stunning profile. She is a multitalented woman and is known to be the leading star of the music industry. Among her best albums is Monawat of 2002, Hasahar Oyono of 2004, Habibe Inta of 2006 and Omry Tani of 2008.

5. Haifa Wehbe

She is a prominent Lebanese actress and a singer. Haifa is popularly known for being Miss South Lebanon, a title she received when she was 16. She has produced various studio albums, and she is currently known to be the leading singer. In 2009, she married Abu Husheima. She had one of the most celebrated weddings that was attended by celebs such as Anastacia, Sean Combs, Googoosh, Kim, Sherine and Nawal Al Zoghbi. She is notably one of the most beautiful women in Arabia.

4. Queen Rania Al Abdullah

She is a spectacular woman who is not only beautiful but also talented. She is very passionate in her career. Her royal status and glamor have made her an international beauty icon. She has been photographed in various fashion shows that have made her a global elite.

3. Karima Adebibe

She is a British model and has Arabian descent. She is a hot and seductive model born in London England. She has a beautiful figure that makes her appear gorgeous. She has performed various stage performances and was featured in the 2006 March issue of hot women. Karima is the not only the most beautiful women in Arabia but also in the world.

2. Nadime Njeim

She is a Lebanese queen and a successful actress and fashion model. She is the winner of the Miss Lebanon 2007. She represented her country in 2007 Miss World contest held in China. Additionally, she also participated in Miss Universe in 2007 in Mexico. She acts splendidly in all her performances. She is a celeb to many fans from around the world.

1. Sofia El Marikh

She was born on October 15th, 1981. She is both an entertainer and a musician. She is the most beautiful Arabian woman with dazzling and stunning appeal. She has participated in various musical performances such as Arabic pop, and Moroccan music. Her hits have amazed many. She has earned several credits due to her long-standing interest in her career.

Conclusion: Arabia is rich with beautiful ladies. The above list compiles the hottest Arabian women in the world. They have all that it takes to turn the eyes of fans around.

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