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Top 10 Most Popular Puzzle Games for Android in 2015

This is an article of top 10 most popular puzzle games for Android in 2015. These have been the games that provide us lots of entertainment. Some of the features and specifications may confuse you, but overall performance and reliability of these games is great. The Android device users, looking for some nice puzzle games, should consider the collection as playing these games is a better option than watching videos or spending time on social media network.

10. Hoplite

It is a nice play-down which was marketed in 2013 by Douglas Cowley. It is a wonderful puzzle game for Android and iOS operating systems. It has different rounds which are enough to keep the players occupied. The game has come in different versions.

9. Hitman GO

The Hitman GO is a wonderful and popular puzzle game for Android mobiles. The game has been developed by Square Enix Montreal. It can easily be downloaded from Google play store. It is a paid game, so those who are looking for free puzzle games, should not consider it.

8. Candy Crush Saga

This game is good for all Windows, Android, and iOS phone users. It is a high quality and entertaining puzzle game that can be downloaded from the internet. It involves candies of seven colors on the screen which you have to crush for earning some rewards. The game is very nice.

7. The Room Two

The Room Two is one of the best games for Android and iOS phones. This playdown is also downloadable on Windows phones. It has been a upgraded version of a game named The Room. It gives various challenging puzzles, but is not a free game.

6. Cut the Rope 2

The Cut the Rope 2 is a creative and innovative puzzle game. It is an animated piece of entertainment. There is a creature On Nom, which collects the candies throughout the game. You are to play it with keen attention. The game will certainly make you happy.

5. Flow Free

The Flow Free is an exciting puzzle game that can be played on devices like Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It is a simple yet highly featured game. It covers on 1MB space memory. It has come on board with attractive sound effects.

4. Paint it Back

The Paint it Back is one of the simplest puzzle playdowns for your kids. It was marketed by Casual Labs LLC in a shining version a few years back. The game involves pictures and paintings to work on. It is a free puzzle game, but you will have to buy more 100 maps.

3. Calculords

The Calculords is a paid puzzle game for Android users. It was presented by offered By Ninja Crime. The size of this game is 17M. It is also playable on iOS. The cost of this game is reasonable. It requires mathematical and arithmetical skills.


2. Kiwanuka

The Kiwanuka is a heavy game with memory storage of 42M. It is developed by Jekyll. It was released in January 2015. It is a newly developed puzzle game for Android and iOS users. Here the players have to guide a mob for protecting the staff and rest of the game characters.

1. Monument Valley

The Monument Valley was developed Indie Studio Ustwo. This puzzle game was marketed back in 2014. It is a paid game which you can download from Google Play Store by paying an amount of USD4 for single user. The game has optical illusions, and varying structures to captivate your attention.

Monument Valley

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