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Top 10 Worst American Idol Auditions Ever

American Idol is one of the most entertaining shows in the world. After the success of this show, various countries worldwide started making similar reality tv programs. There have had been multiple good and worse participants in the history of this television show. Today, we are going to talk about top 10 worst American Idol auditions ever.

10. Matthew Paulson – Measure of a Man

Matthew Paulson sang Clay Aiken’s song “Measure of a Man” when he appeared for the audition of the show. To be honest, he had sung very bad, thinking that he’s done a great job and judges are blind to trust his abilities.

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9. Rhonetta Johnson – You Remind Me

This is one of the worst American Idol auditions ever. Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell were totally shocked to listen the song of Rhonetta Johnson. Jackson clarified to her that Rhonetta you aren’t a good singer. After this, she was disappointed and left the show.

8. Derek Stillings – In My Dreams

Simon Cowell named Derek Stillings “the worst singer in America” when he had sung “In My Dreams” in the show. It was a big disappointment for Derek. He couldn’t impress the judges because he gave awful performance.

7. Keith Beukelaer – Like a Virgin

Keith Beukelaer must have thought that he has the singing capabilities, but it is not so. He sang “Like a Virgin” for Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson. He used to be called a bad singer, and to the criticism he reacted very badly.

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6. Trista Giese – If I Were The King of the Forest

Trista Giese’s strange rendition of “The King of the Forest” was something totally out of sense. In the show, American Idol, he tried to impress the judges but everything failed. Simon Cowell and rest of the judges refused to take her any more.

5. General Larry Platt – Pants on the Ground

General Larry Platt’s song “Pants on the Ground” failed to make him every eye loving. It is one of the worst American Idol auditions ever. General Larry had no spark or charm in his voice.

4. Steven Thoen – Bohemian Rhapsody

Steven Thoen really thought that he is going to sing awesome, but it wasn’t so. He was disagreed with by the judges including Simon Cowell. Steven’s efforts of winning American Idol went wrong.

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3. Ian Benardo – Gloria

Ian Benardo had sung ‘Gloria’. After the massive fight with Simon Cowell, he came before the camera with a hope to impress the audience but he could not do so.

2. William Hung – She Bangs

Poor William Hung has no idea that he cannot sing. He was better to not appear for the auditions. He was, in no time, rejected by the three judges. However, his audition video went viral on the internet in no time.

1. James Earl – Everything in Life

James Earl is one of the worst American Idol auditions ever. He must have confidence that he would be the next winner, but unfortunately he lacked the spark to impress both the judges and audience, so was rejected at the spot.

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