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Top 10 Best Coffee Chains in Europe in 2015

The love for coffee is natural. I think there would only a few individuals on this planet who dislikes coffee in winter season. Some are too habitual of having coffee that they don’t even care if it is summer, what they want is just a hot cup of coffee twice or thrice a day. During a travel, the most difficult aspect is to find the right coffee house especially when we don’t know much about the places and cities. If you are in Europe for business reasons and missing a delicious creamy cup of coffee, then here are the top 10 best coffee chains in Europe in 2015. I am sure you can approach any of them quite easily.

Best Coffee Chains in Europe

10. Red Roaster Coffee House

Red Roaster Coffee House has its branches across Europe but the most famous point is 1 St James’s St, Brighton. It is known for its delicious coffee that is served with local cuisine and hot chocolate. The indoor area of the coffee shop is quite spacious to make you feel excited during your tea-time. Here the guests are served with music as well.

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Best Coffee Chains in Europe

9. Caffè Greco

The Caffè Greco is one of the oldest coffee shops of Europe. Most of its branches are located in Italy. It was first known as Antico Caffè Greco and is operating for more than two centuries. The coffee shop is known for its elegant and cultural style of interiors. The varieties of coffee served here are not only delicious but also health-friendly. You can enjoy tasty cakes, and pastries as well.

Best Coffee Chains in Europe

8. Monmouth Coffee House

Monmouth Coffee House is present in London, but has shops across Europe. This tourist friendly coffee house welcomes hundreds of visitors on a daily basis. If you want to have lots of enjoyment, then grab one of the tables at the back to sit away from the too many crowd of the coffee shop. Here a wide range of cake and chocolate varieties are also served.

Best Coffee Chains in Europe

7. Takk Coffee House

It is present in 6 Tariff Street, Manchester, M1 2FF, having other small branches across the country. It is known for its cool and vibrating environment. This coffee shop has more than 12 flavors of hot coffee, and also serves the guests with tea, lemon juice, shakes, and variety of eatables.

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Best Coffee Chains in Europe

6. Coffee Aroma

The main point of Coffee Aroma is present in Guildhall Street, Lincoln. It is operating since 2010. The coffee shop has trained staff and good-quality coffee, and eatables. It remains open on Friday and Saturday nights till 11.30pm. This is, no doubt, a perfect place to enjoy breakfast with up-market fare: eggs Benedict, and of course coffee.

Best Coffee Chains in Europe

5. Kilimanjaro Coffee Shop

It is present at 104 Nicolson St, Edinburgh. This serves the guests with a mix of local and international tastes of coffee. It is a place to enjoy affordable breakfast and tea-time items. A range of soups, sandwiches, and burgers are also served to the guests.

Best Coffee Chains in Europe

4. The Apple Tree Coffee House

This cafe has established a strong local fan-base. As a tourist, you can make it your destination for having delicious and fun-filled coffee. It offers a good range of coffees, tea, and other drinks. The Apple Tree is known for its healthy foods, and wines are also served.

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Best Coffee Chains in Europe

3. Tina We Salute You, London

This coffee house of London is owned by Steve and Danny. Here the guests are served with cup cakes, and a tempting range of baked goodies along with regular and special coffee. Tea and soft drinks are also served upon requirement. The cost of the meal, overall, is economical.

Best Coffee Chains in Europe

2. Relish Coffee House

This is an affable coffee house with a good range of coffee and tea varieties. Relish Coffee House serves only what is best and high quality and never lets the visitors down due to its poor quality meals and coffee range.

Best Coffee Chains in Europe

1. Dose Espresso

A small space with queues out the door at busy times, Dose Espresso is where you must go. Here both traditional and international varieties of coffee are served. This has maintained a strong ethical bias, and promises to treat the guests with great care ad utmost attention.

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Best Coffee Chains in Europe

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