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Top 10 Best Deodorant For Men in 2016

Deodorants are supposed to help men boost their self confidence by fighting their body odor. Unfortunately, many men end up wearing the wrong deodorant. They do not understand that finding the best deodorant for men is more than just grabbing the one that has the most pleasant scent. The best deodorants should provide the best quality, powerful protection against body odor, and be non-irritant, i.e. tough on sweat, not on the skin. Only by using the best deodorant will men be able to smell good all day long, so here are the top 10 best deodorant for men in 2016.

List of Best Deodorant For Men 2016:

Best Deodorant For Men - Fresh Collection Antiperspirant and Deodorant

Note: We used to post about “top 10 best smelling deodorants for men” that focus on smelling. Now we are discuss bout the best deodorant for men that are not only best in smell but also best on its quality and long last powerful protection.

1. Crystal Body Deodorant Stick - 4.25 oz

This deodorant is made of absolutely natural mineral salts, so it will leave an invisible protective barrier against bacteria that cause odor and eliminate any existing odor. No white residue is left by this deodorant stick and not only men, but even women can use it. Even if it is used every day, this deodorant stick will last up to one year.

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2. Degree Men Antiperspirant and Deodorant, Cool Comfort 2.7 oz

Around the clock odor and wetness protection will be provided by this Cool Comfort and Invisible Stick antiperspirant deodorant. The soothing aloe and citrus aroma of this deodorant will keep men fresh throughout their day. The body heat activated ingredients of this deodorant will ensure 24-hour protection. This deodorant is available in 6 different scents and will work very well for men who have sensitive skin.

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3. Dove Men + Care 48h Non-Irritant AntiPerspirant Deodorant, Extra Fresh Scent

For men who want protection from odor without compromise, this Dove antiperspirant and deodorant is for them. It was specifically designed by Dove with a clinically proven non-irritant formula that combines some of the best ingredients. Along with providing 48 hours worth of body odor and wetness protection, its 1/4 moisturizer technology will also ensure total skin comfort without any irritation.

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4. AXE Body Spray for Men, Essence 4 oz, Twin Pack

AXE claims that every man’s essence is part good and part bad and both these sides are capture by this deodorant, with its deep woodsy fragrance that has a hint of spice. Much like other AXE bodysprays, the deodorant protection provided by Essence will keep men smelling great through the day. AXE Essence is also available in deodorant sticks, shampoo and conditioner, shower gels, etc.

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5. Old Spice Fresh Collection Invisible Solid Fiji Scent Men’s Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant

With this Old Spice antiperspirant deodorant, men can make their armpits smell just like the aroma of palm trees and sunshine. Wearing this Old Spice antiperspirant deodorant will make any man smell like they have been to Fiji and back. This deodorant grants long-lasting freshness, and is one of the five scents that are a part of this collection.

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6. Gillette Clinical Strength Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Advanced Solid All Day Fresh 1.70 oz (Pack of 2)

For all those man who opt to use this antiperspirant deodorant, Gillette provides the ultimate guarantee against sweat. This deodorant is capable of fighting all three forms of sweat, namely sweat caused by activity, heat and stress. 48 hours of freshness is provided by this deodorant that will help them smell clean throughout their day. Being Clinical Strength, it offers the toughest protection.

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7. Herban Cowboy Wild Deodorant Maximum Protection, 2.8 Ounce

This deodorant will enable men to smell clean and fresh, while it contains no chemical ingredients, so it will not irritate the skin. Maximum protection will be delivered by this deodorant without the any of alcohol, aluminum, parabens, propylene glycol or triclosan. The unique thing about it is that it is an absolutely vegan deodorant.

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8. Jungleman All-Natural Deodorant, Unscented - 3.0 Ounce Stick

This deodorant is made entirely from absolutely all-natural products. It is possible to count the ingredients on the list by hand since it is so short. This deodorant has proven itself as the most effective, natural and safest deodorant in the world in a wide range of environments. It is perfect for men who want to become 100% odor free.

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9. Jack Black Pit Boss Antiperspirant & Deodorant, 2.75 oz.

Superior protection will be offered by this deodorant from odor and wetness. It happens to have a gentle formula so it will never irritate a man’s skin. Men who use this deodorant will able to easily glide the invisible solid, and no trace of residue will ever be left on their clothes or skin. This deodorant also happens to be colorant-free and hypoallergenic.

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10. Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant, Unscented 2.5oz

Men can stay clean and fresh naturally with this unscented deodorant. Baking soda and plant extracts are contained in this deodorant, so odors being emitted from the armpit are effectively absorbed so that men may feel confident throughout their ay. Essential oils are also a part of its formula, which help condition the skin.

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So, men who want to make sure that they wear the best and right deodorant, they should consider choosing one from the above the top 10 best deodorant for men in 2016.


  1. Arnab Roy Choudhury

    These are some of the best smelling deodorants for men. The list is quite apt and appealing. Which deodorant from the list do you suggest to take care of sweat problems?

    I know a deodorant which can take care of all your sweat problems.

  2. Lavilin is a great deodorant for athletes. It lasts up to several days per use, which is amazing. It is not an anti-perspirant, so you will still sweat, but it is very good at killing odors.

  3. Best Antiperspirants for men

    Great collection man… can you suggest me the best anti + deodorant.. i ma not a big sweater at all… fogg is working perfectly for me but it is not long lasting..

  4. The only one on this list that even remotely works is Dove +, and Arm & Hammer is the worst!

  5. I got best deodorant here. For buying guide visit http://bestreviewz.org

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