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Top 10 Hottest Arabian Models in 2015

Among all the hot and beautiful fashion models we see in the world, the Arabian models aren’t behind. These are remarkable, impressive, caring, and dedicated females. Most of them achieved success the world over as remarkable tv presenters and movie actresses as well. Take a look at the collection of top 10 hottest Arabian models in 2015.

10. Myriam Benzerga

Myriam Benzerga is an incredible and graceful model of Algeria. This Arab beauty began modeling at very tender age. Myriam is famous the world over for being so pretty and magnificent.

9. Dana Halabi

Dana Halabi is a singer and fashion model form Kuwait. She is a young, energetic, and successful Arab female. Dana has worked with numerous fashion brands, and represented her country in several beauty competitions.

8. Booby Julia

Booby Julia is a model and belly dancer from Egypt. She is a beauty with brain. Booby has performed in numerous stage shows as a dancer, and has always been admired. She is truly a graceful lady.

7. Nicole Saba

Nicole Saba is a pop singer, model and actress from Lebanon. She has worked with countless fashion companies, and walked on ramp for numerous designers. She has been the cover girl of several magazines as well.

6. Dominique Hourani

Dominique Hourani is a model and singer from Lebanon. She has not only been world for being a hot and pretty model but also has been known for her fabulous voice and exceptional singles. She is a remarkable lady.

5. Imane El Bani

Imane El Bani is a model from Morocco. She began modeling when she was only of 16. Imane is known for her graceful personality, and has been a successful brand ambassador of several companies.

4. Rania Sabeh

Rania Sabeh is a model and tv presenter from Lebanon. She is a magnificent Arabian lady. Rania is a young and talented female. She has always been admired for her unique style of fashion and has various signature poses.

3. Afef Jnifen

Afef Jnifen is a model and television presenter from Tunisia. Afef is a perfect blend of beauty, grace, and dedication. She is always admired for her impressive personality and top notch looks.

2. Anabella Hilal

Anabella Hilal is a model and television actress. She belongs to Lebanon. She has always been famous for her great poses she gave for fashion magazine covers. Anabella gained popularity in a very short time.

1. Amina Kaddur

Amina Kaddur is a supermodel of Algeria. She has been one of the favorite Victoria’s Secret models as an Arabian lady. She won several beauty contests of national level, and has been known for her cool personality.

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