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Top 10 Most Beautiful French Women in 2015

It is true that the French women have long dominated the fashion and entertainment industries world over. France has one of the well established fashion industries, and the competition among the females to dominate each other is very much high. French women are highly elegant and gorgeous. Here is shared the list of top 10 most beautiful French women in 2015.

10. Melanie Laurent

Melanie Laurent is a beautiful actress, movie director, and singer of France. She has delicate features, and perfectly shaped eyes. She is a blond and adorable female, born in 1983. Melanie is highly admired for her closed-lip smile. She has been highly adored for her performance in Le Concert (2009).

9. Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard is a classic French beauty. She has deep almond eyes, charming nose, and great facial structures. She has faint dimples that make Marion every eye loving. She is an adorable actress and fashion model, born in 1975. Marion own vibrating personality.

8. Rama Yade

Rama Yade, a French politician born in Senegal, has been a gorgeous female with incredible features. She has made herself recognized as a famous politician, and well-praised beauty of France. She was born in 1976 to professor parents.

7. Inès de la Fressange

Inès de la Fressange is a stylish and remarkable French female. She is naturally very beautiful and charming. She was born in 1957 to a French father and Argentinian mother. She began her modeling career at the age of 17, and worked with numerous brands.

6. Florence Foresti

Florence Foresti is a hot and gorgeous French female. She was born in 1973. Florence began her career as a humorist in 1998, and has been given many awards. She is a beautiful and highly appealing female of the era.

5. Marianne James

Marianne James, born in 1962, is a successful actress, singer, and musician. She is a notable French woman. She made immense stage presence, and is an award-winning singer. Marianne also worked on television.

4. Isabelle Adjani

Isabelle Adjani’s striking beauty made me a fan due to her fabulous performance in the movie La Reine Margot. She is a graceful female, born in 1955. Isabelle was only of 14 when she began acting career as a theater performer. She is a model and top notch tv celeb.

3. Arielle Dombasle

Arielle Dombasle is a French-American female, born in the 1950’s in Connecticut. She is a hot and appealing French woman with incredible and youthful facial structures. Arielle has gotten global fame due to being a superb belly dancer.

2. Eva Green

Eva Green, with her piercing icy blue eyes, and sultry voice, is a lady we were to talk about. She is an exotic female, who began career as an actress and fashion model. She is a wonderful female, known for diverse roles in Penny Dreadful, Innocents: The Dreamers, White Bird, James Bond: Casino Royal, and Sin City.

1. Latitia Casta

Laetitia Casta is a successful French female. She is an actress and fashion model. Latitia is a pretty female, and I swear she has one of the highest fan following rate the world over. She got perfect fashion sense and incredible beauty. I just love Latitia for her discreet manner of dressing.

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