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Top 10 Countries with Most Beautiful Women in 2015

Almost every country in the world has been known for its diverse cultures, traditions, and talented individuals. Whether you live in Europe or Asia, you will always get to observe that every particular area has its own distinctive features and specialties. There are some countries in the world with most beautiful women. Let us take a look at the list of top 10 countries with most beautiful women in 2015.

Countries with Most Beautiful Women

10. Lebanon

Lebanon is one of the states with glamorous and attractive women. Among the all Arab countries, Lebanon is reputed for its beautiful and attractive girls. Many of the ladies from this land have been enjoying great success as actresses and models of international level. Their mesmerizing black hairs add value to their overall personality and charm.

Countries with Most Beautiful Women

9. Venezuela

Venezuela is another country with extremely beautiful and sexy ladies. If you take a look at the history of Miss Universe, you would get to know that many Venezuelan women have won this title. The girls of this land have managed to win more than ten titles of this contest, and several others. This clearly indicates that Venezuelan girls are famous the world over for being charming.


8. Argentina

Argentina is one of the most affordable countries in the world in terms of having cost-friendly food and rental services. Talking about this country’s beautiful women, I must say there is no short of them. The tall and medium heights of Argentina women, and their fair skin completion is truly very remarkable. If you have never been to this beautiful land, then plan a trip there to see how gorgeous the ladies of Argentina are.


7. Brazil

Brazil is yet another country with very pretty and gorgeous women. The Brazilian actresses and supermodels are dominating the world over. Whether it is a talk of fashion industry or film world, the beauties of Brazil are truly awesome. Their attractive hairs, and tanned skin is what make them glorious.


6. Canada

Canada is a nice country for the tourists. But at the same time, the Canadian women are best known to be fashion-oriented and glamorous. This land of multi-culture has no short of charming girls. The blonde beauty queens can be seen everywhere—whether you are on a beach point or in a shopping mall.

Canada beautiful women

5. South Korea

The South Korean ladies are truly exceptional. Their fair and white skin, beautiful eyes, and feminine figures make them the world’s famous and sexy ladies. Overall South Korea’s women are exceptional and talented. They have made their special place in the world of fashion and entertainment.

Countries with Most Beautiful Women

4. Russia

If you have never been to Russia, then this is the time, then plan a trip there. Russia is another country with extremely hot and charming women. What makes this country’s girls special is their face shape, slim bodies, and beautiful skin types. These girls have been dominating the fashion world since a long.


3. Colombia

The women and young girls of Columbia are exceptionally beautiful and gorgeous. Besides being physically beautiful, these ladies are mentally active and very intelligent. In other words, we can say that the Colombian girls are ‘beauty with brain’. This country has some of the finest models and actresses worldwide.


2. United States

USA (or America) is currently the super power of the world. This has been one of the strongest and biggest countries with high profile entertainment and fashion industries. The world famous Hollywood is of USA. The American women, whether they belong to film industry, television or fashion world, are truly the beautiful and hot women. United States has some of the most successful supermodels in the world.

Countries with Most Beautiful Women

1. Sweden

Swedish women have been known for their amazing heights, blue and attractive eyes, and blonde hairs. These sparkling beauties are really very intelligent. Sweden is the top notch country to have most beautiful ladies. Whether they are swimsuit models or actresses, these are like the goddesses in the world of fashion and glamor.

Countries with Most Beautiful Women

Which country you belong to? Do you think your country should be in this list?