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Top 10 Best Korean Movies in 2017

Can you tell me how many Korean movies you’ve watched so far? No doubt, many of us love Korean movies in addition to Hollywood and Bollywood films. The movies are a way to entertain us and refresh our minds. It has become essential to watch one movie at least every weekend so that we can spend some spare time in making fun. Let us check out the top 10 best Korean movies in 2017.

Here are the top 10 best Korean movies in 2017:

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10. Man on the Edge

Best Korean Movies

If you love comedy movies, Man on the Edge should be your choice. This exciting Korean movie has been directed by a great director of the industry; Jo Jin kyu. Records reveal that this film has earned millions of dollars so far and can be named as one of the most successful Korean movies in 2014.

9. The Oldboy

Best Korean Movies

If you’re looking for a great Korean movie, then The Oldboy is probably the right option. The movie’s story is somewhat similar to another movie of the same name, released about 10 years ago. In simple word, I can say that it is a remake of the ancient The Oldboy and has come with much better quality.

8. Nobody’s Daughter Haewon

Best Korean Movies

Nobody’s Daughter Haewon is something to excite you during the weekends. This great product has been presented by Hong Sang-Soo. It is a drama of a young and depresses woman. Her mother fled to Canada. The movie was screened during the Berlin International Film Festival. This is what makes us believe that it is going to be a fun-filled film you must watch.

7. No Breathing

Best Korean Movies

No Breathing is an exciting movie to keep your nerves alert till its end. If you are looking for real thrill, watch this movie. It stars popular Korean characters like Sang Kong, Octavia, along with foreign actors like John Hurt and Jamie Bell. Most of the movie’s parts have been shot in USA.

6. The Berlin File

Best Korean Movies

The Berlin File is an exciting drama movie. It is all about action and thrill. If you love such movies, don’t forget watching it. This film has been directed by the creative Seung Ryoo. It is featured with the style like spy thrill.

5. New World

Best Korean Movies

For the viewers who are in love with criminal movies, New Worldshould be in your list. It is a great suspense movie to watch in this year. The film is directed by HoonPark, who has also written its script. The film gives an image of most notorious criminal.

4. Tazza 2 [The High Rollers]

Best Korean Movies

Tazza 2 is a continuation of its previous version. It has topped the chart at international level. If you had watched Part#1, you shouldn’t miss the second part as well. The film’s story is about gamblers, and making the people understand about their lives.

3. Koala

Best Korean Movies

This movie was introduced during the Seoul film festival. Despite the fact that it is not a blockbuster movie of the year, you still should watch it for a great time pass. The script is written in a highly creative way, and is something to make you excited and emotional at the same time.

2. The Attorney

Best Korean Movies

The Attorney is a film of intriguing nature. Its story is about the former president, Roo Moo-Hyun. The film is one of the best directed realistic Korean films of all time.

1. The Target

Best Korean Movies

This is at the top of the list of top 10 best Korean movies in 2017. It is a remake of the famous French thriller; the Point Blank, having lots of thrilling effects. It is a full entertaining movie, packed with entertainment and action drama.