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Top 10 Most Desirable Women in 2015

There are so many things which we keep in mind while naming a woman to be desirable. For example, how highly professional she is as an actress or model, how stylish and bold she and how much competitive she is to dominate the hearts of her friends and fans. From all these perspectives, only a few women are desirable. Various online famous websites and entertainment blogs keep on preparing such lists, but for me the truly top 10 most desirable women in 2015 are only the followings;

dj juicy m - most desirable woman

10. Maya Jane Coles:

Maya Jane is a famous and successful DJ. This beauty queen is desirable due to her professional behavior and super sexy look. She is yet too young but always loves to experiment with her music and lyrics.

9. Kate Moss:

Kate Moss is a well known and extremely beautiful American actress. She is a lady of inspiration and has had always been the heart throb of her male fans around the globe.

8. Kirsten Dunst:

Kirsten Dunst is yet another wonderful and gorgeous American celebrity. She is too beautiful and bold that she is always widely loved by her fans and the producers of Hollywood. This is why, Kirsten remains too busy in her movie and fashion projects. She has also been the brand ambassador of various cosmetic brands.

7. Jenifer Connelly:

Firstly, Jenifer was a singer but her beauty and sexy look made this lady an inspirational actress of the era. She got her first movie and that took her level of success high and high. Now Connelly is among the busiest and desirable women of the world.

6. Margot Robbie:

Margot Robbie is titled as Sharon Stone. She is a super stunning and gorgeous femal celebrities. In every of her outfit, Margot looks simply awesome and her beauty is enough sparkling to make the fans crazy about her.

5. Juicy M:

Juicy M, a famous fashion model and beauty diva, is known for her professional and energetic behavior. She initiated her career as a DJ in a London-based radio station. But now she has become a successful professional lady who offers her services as DJ and model in various national and international companies / radio stations.

4. Amy Adams:

I think I don’t need to give an introduction of Amy Adams. Isn’t it? Yes she is a truly successful and amazing woman of America. Amy is a multi-talented lady of the era. She is a successful celebrity and a gorgeous fashion model.

3. Sam Cooke:

Sam is a stylish as her name sounds. She is a successful and well established DJ and performer. Sam Cooke’s glamorous and sexy appeal is something to keep her fans intact.

2. Lisa Kensington:

Lisa Kensington, a graceful and stylish lady of the era. What makes her desirable is her super cool beauty and hot look. She is a DJ basically, but every now and then we can see her performing in different television commercials.

1. Kate Upton:

Kate Upton has been a very talented and appealing lady of the year. She is a multi-talented woman, as a fashion model, actress and brand ambassador, Kate has had always been of distinctive value for the people. –> Top 10 World’s Most Beautiful Women of 2014.