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Top 10 Famous Professional Man Boxers in 2014

Boxing is one of the most famous and lucrative games in the world. There are so many male boxers who perform really well in the ring and receive lots of appreciations from their fans. The total counting of them is difficult, but here are the top 10 famous professional man boxers in 2014.

10. Vitali Klitschko:

Professional Man Boxers

Vitali Klitschko is a well versed boxer of the era. He is a heavyweight and energetic boxer who makes really well amount from his game. His estimated net worth is USD67 millions.

9. Muhammad Ali:

Professional Man Boxers

Muhammad Ali has recently retired in America. He did really well in his career. He was born in 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky and is known to be a highly professional and dedicated boxer.

8. Marvin Hagler:

Professional Man Boxers

Marvin Hagler is another great and professional boxer of America. He owns about USD70 millions and is famous as a marvelous boxer of the era. He works really hard to keep the level of his success high and high. Marvin has dedicated himself to become a successful and revolutionary boxer of all the time.

7. Devon Alexander:

Professional Man Boxers

Devon Alexander is a professional and one of the famous boxers of Missouri. He enjoys his game and does really well in the ring. Devon debuted his career at an early age of the life and so far appeared in more than 300 fights.

6. Ruslan Provodnikov:

Professional Man Boxers

Ruslan is an excellent boxer of Russia. He is sheer and powerful and is only 31 years old. He is enough energetic to captivate the attention of his fans during the game. He is lightweight yet highly energetic and one of the famous professional man boxers in 2014.

5. Brandon Lee Rios:

Professional Man Boxers

Brandon Lee Rios is a great boxer of America and has won various championships. He has won more than 240 games and is a featherweight boxer of the era. During 2011, he won World Lightweight Championship in Miguel Acosta and became successful.

4. Miguel Cotto:

Professional Man Boxers

Miguel Cotto belongs to USA. He has been the winner of 2000 Summer Olympics and 1999 Pan African Games. It is too difficult to count on the games he has won. He has won the WBO Junior Welterweight Championship for more than five times.

3. Juan Manuel Marquez:

Professional Man Boxers

Juan Manuel Marquez Mendez is known with the name of Juan. He is a boxer of Mexico. He worked really hard to raise his success graph. Juan is one of the greatest and famous professional man boxers in the world.

2. Timothy Bradley:

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Timothy Bradley is an extremely talented welterweight champion. He started his career a few years back and has so far won various championships. Timothy is known for his amazing performance in the ring and competes well the rival.

1. Adrien Broner:

Professional Man Boxers

Adrien Broner is a great boxer from USA. He is only 28 years old and works really well to increase his success graph. Adrien has been the champion of WBO super featherweight championship. He has also won various other games and is every eye-loving.

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