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Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in the World

Immediately after the wedding celebrations are over, the newly married couples want to spend some luxurious moments together. They want to live close to each other at a distant place in complete privacy, this is what we call the honeymoon. Usually it takes a long for the couple to select the most appropriate honeymoon destination, which is beautiful and amazing enough to make their honeymoon trip memorable. Here we give the list of top 10 best honeymoon destinations in the world for all those couples who are finding serious trouble in the selection of their honeymoon destination.

Honeymoon Destinations

10. Australia:

This is a land of beauty and beaches. Its overwhelming beauty and coastlines are so amazing and wonderful that you would not be able to stop yourself from getting impressed. Finding an appropriate honeymoon resort or sweet in Australia is not a cup of tea, because it usually remains full with tourists throughout the year.


9. US Virgin Island:

If you feel that an island would be your desired honeymoon destination then US Virgin Island is the right place for you. It is merely surrounded by crystal clear water in the form of seas and deep oceans, green lands and gorgeous mountains are enough to keep you occupied with the spell of this island’s beauty. It is a best honeymoon destinations in USA.


8. Turkey:

The weather of Turkey usually remains cool and chilled, which is quite ideal for the couples who love capped mountains and frozen atmosphere. Although all the cities of Turkey are worth seeing but Istanbul is where you can plan to stay at because this is the major tourist attraction of Turkey.


7. Greece:

For those who love seeing ancient and historical monuments, Greece is an ideal land. Spending a honeymoon at Greece would definitely be your right decision because this land is not only famous for its natural beauty but also rich cultural and historical values.


6. France:

Paris, France has had been the hub of fashion designers and models. It is said that every latest fashion of accessories and outfits takes its first start from this land. But despite of the fact that how famous this country is for its fashion, its natural beauty has always been a remarkable factor to grasp the attention of tourists, especially the newly married love birds.


5. Thailand:

Thailand is famous for its exotic and colorful cuisines, but more than this is its amazing sweets and romantic honeymoon resorts situated close to the sea-side. Thailand is definitely an ideal and one of the dreamy places for honeymoon couples. It is also an ideal place to enjoy a romantic shopping. And this place is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Thailand.


4. Switzerland:

I believe I don’t need to give an introduction of the beauty and charm of this place. Isn’t it? Yes definitely, because every one of us already knows how much loving and well accommodating this land is for the tourists. The fun seems to be never ending while you are here to spend the holidays, so believe me both of you would not feel bored even for a single moment because here a lot of fun-filled activities are enough to keep you busy.


3. New Zealand:

No matter you are here with your beloved or with relatives or friends, New Zealand would always have a lot of fun and excitement opportunities to get amazed with. This is also called the land of smiles, beaches and islands. The magical moments spent in New Zealand would definitely add a plus to your level of excitement and happiness as a couple.


2. Costa Rica:

In search of relaxation and refreshment, you can make Costa Rica your destination for honeymoon. The spectacular natural beauty, wonderful mountains, deep blue oceans and green lands are what make this place a remarkable tourist point in the world.


1. South Africa:

It is not only the Cape Town which is one of the leading tourist points in South Africa but also its various other cities are equally charming and beautiful to spend time at. Walking on the sides of a beach in the company of your beloved is really going to be an exciting experience. Isn’t it? Yes definitely and this pollution free land can make all such dreams come true.


I am sure this list would be of great help for you to decide which is the most suitable and appropriate honeymoon destination. So how did you like our post? Please let us know with your comments.

And what is your best honeymoon destinations in your dream? Please share with us.