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Top 10 Most Exotic Cloud Forests in the World

Cloud forests are among the loveliest forests that are present in the tropical and subtropical regions. These dense, foggy forests form a big part of the ecosystem and add beauty to our natural environment. Every year, thousands of tourists visit these forests to spend their day out and for research purposes. Here is the list of top 10 most exotic cloud forests in the world.

Most Exotic Cloud Forests in the World

10. Giant Redwoods Forest, USA

The Giant Redwoods of California, USA, are highly lofty and tall forests. These have some of the most amazing trees, having the approximate height of 380 feet or even more. The trees of this forest are able to live up to 2,200 years. The Giant Redwoods is an evergreen forest. This is visited by hundreds of people every month.

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Giant Redwoods Forest, USA

9. Sherwood Forest, England

The Sherwood Forest is a Royal Forest. It is situated in Nottinghamshire, England. It is one of the most exotic cloud forests in the world. This has been constantly forested since the end of Ice Age. The forest is spread in an approximate area of 423 hectares. This woody forest is the home to various animal and plant species. Visitors can find a lot to see here.

Sherwood Forest, England

8. Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Chiang Mai is a great forest of Thailand. It is famous among locals and international tourist for its panoramic spots and relaxing atmosphere. The forest has several hiking trails that lead to the mystical waterfalls. It is a delightful place to visit in Thailand.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

7. Shola Forest, India

The forest of Shola is present in India. This is one of the major forests of Western Ghats in South India. The forest is known for its grasslands in isolated patches. It is the home to various rare fauna and flora species. Some religious people come here to worship.

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Shola Forest, India

6. Canary Island, Spain

The Canary Island is a great tourist attraction. It is present off the southern coast of Morocco, Spain. This is one of the major landmarks of the country. It is the home to numerous big and small animals. Here you can find plenty of tall trees, flowering plants, and other species that are enough interesting to keep you occupied.

Canary Island, Spain

5. El Cielo Biosphere, Mexico

The green beauty of Mexico is what can captivate your attention. The El Cielo Biosphere is a worth see forest that serves as a rainwater catchment area. It is one of the UNESCO’s heritage sites and has been projected by Biosphere Programme. The hiking trails in this forest are encompassing the villages with friendly people. It is the home to various species of animals and plants.

El Cielo Biosphere, Mexico

4. Springbrook National Park, Australia

The Springbrook National Park is located in the Gold Coast hinterland of Queensland, Australia. It is one of the most exotic cloud forests in the world. It is a subtropical forest, known for its relaxing environment and tall trees. The forest is best known for its Springbrook Leatherwood Eucryphia jinksii, an amazing rainforest tree.

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Springbrook National Park, Australia

3. Mount Taranaki, New Zealand

The Mount Taranaki is situated in New Zealand. It is a highly captivating and must-to-explore tourist attraction. Walk beneath the swirling clouds in this forest and get the chance of enjoying the company of nature. The environment here is too relaxing and amazing.

Mount Taranaki, New Zealand

2. Tandayapa Mindo, Ecuador

The Tandayapa Mindo is situated northwest from Quito the capital city of Ecuador. It is an evergreen subtropical forest. It is known for its lush green environment and great epiphytic orchids, moss covered trees and the fauna. It is a must to visit attraction of the town.

Tandayapa Mindo, Ecuador

1. Cloud Forest in the Simien Mountains, Ethiopia

The Cloud Forest of Simein Mountains, Ethiopia is a natural tourist point. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The forest is highly remarkable and is the home to various plant and animal species. It catches the attention of billions of people annually.

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Cloud Forest in the Simien Mountains, Ethiopia

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