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Top 10 Wealthiest Teenagers 2015

These young men and women are the best in their job or they had inherited a large sum from their deceased family members. They are the future of our world and they have already secured their own future. Their income is always steady and they had never needed any allowance. That is what makes them famous teenagers. Check this list of top 10 wealthiest teenagers 2015.

Wealthiest Teenagers

10. Willow and Jaden Smith

Famous parents make these two teens even more intriguing. Both of them are actors, rappers and dancers the jobs that make them tons of money. Jaden made USD5 million when he was thirteen and her sister who was not even a teenager then made USD4 million. Their combined wealth is USD12 million dollars so their dad Will is not the only rich person around the house.

Wealthiest Teenagers

9. Selena Gomez

Miss Gomez is currently best known by her hit single “Come and get it” but before that during her teens, she was a Disney actress and singer who made millions of dollars in the process, for example when she was 19 she made USD5.5 million from her singing and acting career. Her current wealth is USD18 million.

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Wealthiest Teenagers

8. Ianthe Fullgar

Ianthe Fullgar, then a waitress won a jackpot of more than 7 million pounds in 2008.She did not squander it like some teens would but Ianthe saved it for her future happy life. Her current wealth is USD10.5 million.

Wealthiest Teenagers

7. Angus T. Jones

Everyone who had at least seen one episode of “Two and a half man know who Angus T Jones is.He made USD7.8 million when he was only 17.Jones is no longer part of the show but he might be back this year. His wealth is USD15 million dollars.

Wealthiest Teenagers

6. Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner is best known for portraying a vampire in a Twilight saga, a movie series that brought him celebrity status and wealth. When Taylor was a nineteen year old he made USD8.5 million dollar in the last of the Twilight movies and he had made astonishing USD7.5 million by starring in the movie Abduction. His current wealth is USD40 million.

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Wealthiest Teenagers

5. Emma Watson

Emma Watson is everyone’s favorite witch, a role that brought her 12 million pounds by the time she was 19.She also has a clothing and perfume line. You might have seen Watson’s latest movie Noah so she is still a great and famous movie star just like she had been in her teens. Her wealth is USD60 million.

Wealthiest Teenagers

4. Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas is the most famous member of the one of the most famous boy bands of our time The Jonas Brothers. His prominent music career as a teen super star got him a substantial amount of money, USD12.5 million in 2010 when he had been just 19.His current wealth is USD18 million.

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Wealthiest Teenagers

3. Miley Cyrus

Destiny Hope Cyrus better known as Miley Cyrus has been a celebrity for a long time, as a teenager she had starred in a TV show “Hannah Montana” and Miley had also had a successful singing career too. The fact that she made USD48 million from her tours when she was 18 shows her teenage wealth success. Her current wealth is USD160 million.

Wealthiest Teenagers

2. Justin Bieber

Everyone in the world has heard about Justin. Bieber was discovered by a rap musician Akon and since then he has been a successful performer. He had made USD53 million when he was just 16 years old. His current wealth is USD200 million.

Wealthiest Teenagers

1. India Rose James and her half-sister Fawn

India Rose who was only 18 and younger than Fawn inherited 75 million pounds when she was only 18 and in high school. Her grandfather Paul Raymond also known as Soto pornography king left to both India Rose and Fawn the equal sum of money. India Rose is a fashion columnist now and her family is worth 500 million so they are the richest family in the UK.

Wealthiest Teenagers

Teens who are really successful and they had decided what to do with their lives but these individuals are wealthy, powerful and well known. Every teenager wants to have the same fate. Don’t you?