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Top 10 Worst Cricket Teams in the World Now

Cricket is one of the most famous and oldest games of the world. It was discovered in 16th century, and today has become an international level play. The game is being played by various teams worldwide. Some of them perform very well, while others are behind the race. Check this list of top 10 worst cricket teams in the world now.

England Worst Cricket Team

1. England

England has one of the worst cricket teams now. It has always been prominent in domestic matches, but when it comes to international tournaments, England cricketers fail to show some nice performance. It is the member of Big Three, the governing body of ICC.


2. Australia

The national Australian cricket team is one of the oldest. This country has played 767 test matches and won 360 out of 767 and lost 203, while drawing 202 matches. They are the winners of four ICC world cups and two ICC champions league. Regardless of all these successes, these days, Australian cricketers aren’t doing some fabulous work.

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3. New Zealand

New Zealand cricketers are always considered to be unlucky. They have never won a world cup in fact they have never played a final. The best thing is they often reach semifinals but loss the match every time.

New Zealand

4. Ireland

Ireland cricket team was founded in 20th century. Since then it has failed to give some fantastic performance. Its players are less experienced but they still manage to qualify for bigger tournaments such as world cup and champions trophy. They also have a poor domestic cricket which is why the cricket team of Ireland failed to get established.

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5. India

India is the biggest cricket board after Australia and England. Its cricket team, unfortunately, isn’t of top notch level. Some of Indian cricketers are rich enough just because of their blistering domestic cricket. They organize a very big Indian Premier League almost every year through which they earn a lot of money.


6. West Indies

West Indies has one of the worst cricket teams now. It was a champion a few years ago. They won the two very first world cups in 1975 and 1979 respectively. But unfortunately, they failed to maintain their high graph of success. They have plenty of money which they earn from domestic games mostly.

West Indies

7. Kenya

Kenya is a small and poor country located in Africa. Their cricket team has nothing to do with professionalism. They were able reach semifinals in 2003 ICC World cup but after that their team totally collapsed. Kenyans don’t have enough amount to support their cricket team in international matches. After 2014 world cup, they unluckily lost their one day international status.

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8. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe used to be the best cricket team of 1987 and went into semifinal of 1992 world cup. Later on, it started losing its charm. The main reason is the lack of funds and proper training for the cricketers. The Zimbabwe cricket board failed to maintain their infrastructure for productive purposes.


9. Bangladesh

Bangladesh has one of the worst cricket teams now. They have lack of proper management. There is no short of money and funds, but the good players are not present to give this cricket team an edge of successes.


10. Pakistan

Pakistan has the most unpredictable cricket team. They have won a world cup along with various other titles. The overall performance of Pakistani cricket team nowadays is very poor. The cricket board has lack of funds to pay high to the experienced played. Also, the non-serious attitude of Pakistani cricketers is the fact behind failure.

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