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Top 10 Disadvantages of Early Marriages

Getting married is the right and necessity of life for every individual. Some get married at early ages while others reach a mature age. Early marriage means an individual has to enter into a totally different and practical life very soon. This can be advantageous and disadvantageous in various aspects. Most of the people view that early marriages should not be supported at any cost because the drawbacks accompanied are very drastic, leading two lives get destroyed totally.

disadvantages of early marriages

Let us have a look at top 10 disadvantages of early marriages.

10. Lack of Understanding:

How can two individuals (got married) understand each other at too young ages? Well, that is quite difficult; the level of understanding is only developed when the boy and girl are too mature to understand the things and their environment. In case, they are not given time for it, they would surely have to face lack of understanding.

marriage lack of understanding

9. Difficulties in Dedicating:

When the boys at the age of 16 or 17 are burdenized with a wife and he has to work to raise the family, then definitely he would find it to be quite difficult to become a successful life. The same is the situation with a girl of this age group, she would have to run the whole house and manage the things, becoming a fulltime house-wife. That sounds quite complicated for the two to manage and dedicate themselves fully.

8. Lack of Compatibility:

Many of the wedding relations get destroyed just due to lack of compatibility. Two young individuals, who even don’t know each other and their habits are totally varying, are pushed to live together. This increases the chances of low leveled mental compatibility thus destroy their lives.

7. Become Young Parents:

Becoming a young parent is easy but how would a boy or girl would grow the baby efficiently? The times when the boy is not earning much for the baby and wife, or the girl is not able to become a successful mother because she has no idea of how to raise the child up, would be really sophisticated. Becoming young parents means they would have to act like mature parents for the newborn baby and face the life’s challenges.

become young parents

6. Difficulties of Finance:

The time a boy gets married at early age of his life, he knows that he needs a lot of money and a permanent job to get sufficient finance for the family. Difficulties in finance arise when such a boy is not much educated and limited job opportunities are available.

5. No Center of Gravity:

When a boy or girl is too young and have yet to develop a center of gravity for his / her life, then early marriage can be drastic. He / she won’t have time to focus onto the practical life because the burden of marriage has been shouldered too early.

4. Earlier Sexual Relationship:

Pre-matured sexual relationship sounds interesting but it is not good from a health point of view. Chances are there that you won’t be able to follow the precautionary measures during sexual relation and as a result various health issues can arise.

3. Lack of Education:

The children who get married early usually face the problems of lack of education. It is a fact that education is the foundation of life and the survival of an individual without it is not possible, but how can a boy or girl get educated when the marriage is held too early. This becomes the responsibility of the parents to get their children properly educated so that they can face the challenges of tomorrow in an effective way.

Early Marriages

2. Miscarriage Chances Increase:

The healthcare professionals around the globe have proved that the girls with early pregnancy have higher chances of miscarriages. This is due to the reason that at this young age, they even don’t know how to manage their diet and manage the routine to conceive properly.

1. No Room of Learning:

Every individual learns positive and negative things from the life’s experiences. The burden of early marriage never lets him learn and act positively in life because the burden of a relationship and family is always creating unpredictable situations to cope up with.


Marriage is a part of life and our door to enter a new world, but when this entry has been forcefully made earlier than we expected, then that is the time of life when the difficulties and problems start arising. Rushing to get married is not at all appreciable from any point of view, so wait for the time when you reach a mature age to cope up with the challenges with your partner and enjoy a successful life ahead.