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Top 10 Unselfish Reasons Not to Have Kids

Children are necessary for any married couple but these make our lives full of sorrows in one way or the other. Not having children doesn’t mean you are selfish. There can be many reasons behind one’s life free of kids. Here are top 10 unselfish reasons not to have kids.

Unselfish Reasons Not to Have Kids

10. Consent cannot be sought

It is mandatory that we seek a person’s consent before doing something to them. Consent in case of children, cannot be sought. They always create one problem or another for us. Many people kill themselves or attempt to do so just because of their careless kids.

Unselfish Reasons Not to Have Kids

9. Children will inherit your flaws

You are ugly, short, or fat—children will definitely inherit some of your characteristics or maybe all. It is your choice to have kids or not, but if you don’t want to give this world another like ‘You’, it is better to stay without kids.

Unselfish Reasons Not to Have Kids

8. You won’t contribute to any more violence

If you don’t have children, you would not contribute to any kind of violence. True that you cannot decide the fate and future for the kids. Maybe your little ones, when grow up, become terrorists or criminals. So, why not stay out of this problem and not have kids!

Unselfish Reasons Not to Have Kids

7. The Planet is dying

Large scale deforestation and pollution is already making our lives difficult. The planet is dying just because of ever increasing number of people. Not having kids means you won’t contribute in the destruction of our earth.

Unselfish Reasons Not to Have Kids

6. There are more than enough people already

Imagine a crowded room full of people. I am sure no one can survive there. It is better to live alone because there are more than enough people in this world already. Your future generation would do nothing but would add problems to this planet.

Unselfish Reasons Not to Have Kids

5. You don’t know if life is best for your children

Parents never know what the future of their kids would bring. When you become a mother or father, you become concerned about how they would live their lives as you cannot know if life is best for them or worst.

Unselfish Reasons Not to Have Kids

4. Reduces competition for others’ children

When you have a child and plan for another one, competition takes place. By having no or reduced number of kids, you play vital role in reducing competition for others’ kids, making their lives easier.

Unselfish Reasons Not to Have Kids

3. More medical attention for other patients

More medical attention is needed when a lady is pregnant as this period is not going to be easy. Pregnant women and sick children include a considerable percentage of all those who visit hospitals. When you decide not to have kids, all of doctors and nurses can deal with other patients effectively.

Unselfish Reasons Not to Have Kids

2. Less lives will be dependent on you – You will be more expendable

With no children, you would be more expandable in life with fewer lives depending on you. This is a good idea for those who have mind of staying free in life. Unemployed people cannot raise their families properly, so it is good for them to not get married.

Unselfish Reasons Not to Have Kids

1. There are several orphans needing care

There are several millions of children without both their parents alive. No one looks after them and they need our affection and attention. It is better to take care of such needy children rather than going through the problems of having your own kids and thinking lot about their bright lives ahead.

Unselfish Reasons Not to Have Kids

Do you love kids?

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