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10 Things You Should Not Share With Your Teachers

Teachers are responsible to teach the children different subjects. These are, thus, considered to be the spiritual parents. Just like our parents, we can discuss different things and matters with teachers. We gain knowledge from them. But there are certainly some things which no one should share with the teachers. Explore this list of 10 things you should not share with your teachers.

Things You Should Not Share With Your Teachers

10. Other Favorite Teachers

It is always a habit of children that they tell everyone the names of their favorite teachers. Don’t do this with your class teacher, in case he/she is not your favorite. If you do so, this can create jealousy amongst the teachers. May be you would get punishment from the school principal. Although this is not professionalism, but teachers are also human beings so they may have positive or negative impact of this act.

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Other Favorite Teachers

9. Feelings of Hatred

It is very natural if you start hating someone for some minor reasons, your teacher would not treat you well in class. As a student you should remain conscious about how your tutor deals you and how you want to be treated. This is why, don’t tell them about your feelings of hatred. If you hate someone from your classmates or even the teachers, just stay silent and don’t share this secret with anyone.

Feelings of Hatred

8. Despised Teachers

As I already said that don’t tell your teachers whom you dislike in school or out of the institution. If you hate some teachers, don’t share this thing with your class teacher because there are chances that he/she may tell that particular teacher, leading you to suffer from punishment.

Despised Teachers

7. Dad’s Number

Sometimes teachers ask the numbers of dads from their students. If your dad is a strict bud, don’t tell your teacher about his contact details. This is necessary to avoid any kinds of punishments. Dad may loss his patience when your teacher complaints something secretly.

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Dad’s Number

6. Discussing Other Classmates

Don’t discuss about other classmates. Your much focus should be on your studies and co-curricular activities. You don’t need to talk about the good or bad habits of your classmates with the teacher. This leaves bad impression on the teacher’s mind. He/she may consider that you have no awareness of ethics.

Discussing Other Classmates

5. Family, Friends or Cousins

If there are any of your cousins or family friends studying in the same institution as you are, don’t tell this secret to your teachers. Sometimes it happens that the teacher asks them again and again to your class, complaining about even a minor thing. This is why, you should avoid telling the teacher about family, friends or cousins existing in the same school.

Family, Friends or Cousins

4. Classroom Secrets

A class of students is like a body. There exists many good and bad things in it. The mischief of students must remain confidential. For instance, if your friend has said something weird about a particular teacher, keep this secret and don’t share it with any of the seniors or teachers at any cost.

Classroom Secrets

3. Nick Names

Giving nick names is common in our society. This has become a tradition that parents give cute and lovely nicknames to their little ones. Don’t share your nick name with your teacher or school principal. This would not leave good impression on their mind or they may laugh at you.

Nick Names

2. Sharing Notes

Some students are habitual of sharing notes and homework with each other. I am sure you must be one of them because this is the habit of studious students. Don’t let your teacher know about it that you are sharing notes and lectures with classmates. Keep the secret in your heart.

Sharing Notes

1. Studying Routine

Teachers are often habitual of giving long lectures and heavy homework considering that the students are studious. Don’t take it for granted as this can put extra burden on you. Make sure that you don’t tell your teacher about your study routine.

Studying Routine