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Top 10 Best Hair Dye Brands in the World in 2015

Both men and women remain worried about the beauty of their hairs. Hair dyes have become a necessity when it comes to style the hairs in unique ways. Here we have shown the list of top 10 best hair dye brands in the world in 2015.

Best Hair Dye Brands in the World

10. Wella Hair Dying Brand

Wella is a famous company that produces numerous skincare and hair care products. Its hair dyes are always reliable, combined of natural ingredients. You can bring home any of Wella’s hair dyes and shampoos.

Wella Hair Dying Brand

9. Dove Hair Dying Brand

Dove is a famous beauty brand. It produces wide range of hair dyes, body washes, deodorants, face wash creams, lotions, shampoos, hair conditioners, and many other items. Dove formulates its products with Oxyfusion Technology, giving the hairs bouncy and thicker look.

Dove Hair Dying Brand

8. Yarok Hair Dying Brand

The founder of Yarok Hair Care is Mordechai Alvow, Food for your Head. The tagline of this company is ‘Good for the Earth’. Its hair dyes and hair care products minimize the risks of hairs being damaged. Yarok uses certified organic ingredients in its products.

Yarok Hair Dying Brand

7. Salon120 Hair Dying Brand

The experts of Salon120 feel proud to offer great and top notch hair color formulas. The company has been famous for its effective hair care, and skincare products, selling the items across America and Europe.

Salon120 Hair Dying Brand

6. Zest Beauty Brand

Zest Beauty is another wonderful brand that has given tough competition to products of L’Oreal like big names. Zest provides odor-free and high quality hair dyes.

Zest Beauty Brand

5. Kolours Hair Dye Brand

Kolours is a dual conditioning hair color brand. It is one of the best hair dying companies. It is known to formulate hair dyes for Asian women and men.

Kolours Hair Dye Brand

4. Godrej Hair Dye Brand

With Godrej products, you can be ensured of great looking and soft hairs. It is the India’s largest hair care company, founded in 1975. It has launched a range of hair dyes, shampoos, conditioners, and other items.

Godrej Hair Dye Brand

3. Clip Hair Brand

Clip Hair was established in 2007 at Sutton in London, UK. Its products are 100% reliable and best in quality. It ensures complete customer satisfaction by providing top notch and competitive hair and beauty care items.

Clip Hair Brand

2. GoldWell Hair Brand

This company was founded in 1920. Its aim is to focus on quality hair care items. The company has marketed numerous a hair cosmetics and beauty care items.

GoldWell Hair Brand

1. Garnier Hair Dying Brand

Garnier has topped our list. This company was established in 1904 by Alfred Garnier. These days, its name is taken with pride when it comes to choose some reliable hair care products. Garnier hair dyes are customer satisfaction.

Garnier Hair Dying Brand

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