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Top 10 Countries with Highest Number of Facebook Users 2015

The use of Facebook has become common these days. It is the strongest social media network to date. The growth of this website has been increased as it is not only a way to stay connected with friends but also a platform to do business and get more clients. Check the list of top 10 countries with highest number of Facebook users 2015.

Countries with Highest Number of Facebook Users

10. Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the countries with highest number of Facebook users. Here the people love to connect with friends abroad, and social media network has penetrated in their lives especially facebook.

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9. Turkey

Turkey has a potential to wipe other countries off this list. It has almost 22 552 540 users on Facebook, and the number is increasing day by day.


8. France

France is one of the most developed and well versed countries. It is known for its high profile fashion. At the same time, France has high number of facebook users. The country’s most social media users are professionals.


7. Italy

Italy is another country in our list. It has 18 942 220 users on Facebook and other social networks. Italy is world famous for being a major tourist attraction and a romantic place to live in.

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6. Canada

Canada’s more than 50% population has become addict to facevook. Canadian government always keeps an eye on the activities of users on social media accounts so that the rate of crime can be reduced to as much extent as possible.


5. Philippines

Philippines has fast growing economy. Most of its facebook users work as freelancers or are businessmen who tend to use this network for expanding their businesses.


4. Mexico

The number of Mexican users of facebook is increasing day by day. It has over 801 800 since January.

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3. Spain

Spain is one of the countries with highest number of facebook users. This European land has 10 612 820 users on social media networks especially facebook.


2. United Kingdom

United Kingdom, in the last six months, added 601 420 new users to facebook, and the total number is over 26 543 600. UK, being the hub of students, is a place where facebook and other networks are used for educational and job placement purposes.

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United Kingdom

1. United States

United States is the hub of tech lovers. It is obvious that this country has high rate of facebook and internet users. There are 125 881 220 people on Facebook recorded.

United States

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