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Top 5 Best Battery Heated Socks in 2016 Reviews

Sometimes, especially during the winter, it gets inclemently and harshly cold specifically whenever you are going outdoors. That is when you should be fully prepared to challenge the weather, of course with the right wears. For, in such weathers, it becomes quite discouraging to get outdoors without the appropriate gear you may easily catch cold. Among the things you should have are heated socks to prevent the feet and also the legs from the effect of snow, harsh cold. Battery heated socks come in handy, then. With these, you can confidently and comfortably go hiking, hunting, skiing, and virtually any other outdoor you may fancy. As such, here are the top 5 best battery heated socks in 2016 reviews. Read on to discover and buy. They have been carefully considered following a number of factors, from comfort to ease of use to efficiency, and singled out as the best among all the battery heated socks available on the market today.

best battery heated socks

1. Flambeau Men’s Heated Socks Kit

Featuring carbon-fiber heating elements, the Flambeau heated socks kits is designed for keeping your toes comfortably warm. They are medium weighing socks made for maximum balance between comfort and warmth. Polyester, wool, and cotton blend design helps pull moisture away from your feet. The kit’s battery compartment is specially designed to sit just below the calf. The kit includes a pair of socks, two 3.7V Lithium Ion batteries, and AC charger plus dual mini USB cord.

Flambeau Men's Heated Socks Kit

2. AlphaHeat AA Battery Heated Socks

These are among the most effective, comfortable, and convenient battery heated socks available today. The heat these socks provide is considered lightweight, just heating up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit maximum, the type of temperature that is only meant to offer core warmth for keeping your dear feet warmer for a longer duration as you enjoy winter outdoors. To receive the greatest results, you need to use new AA batteries, and you are advised not to use rechargeable AA batteries if you desire them for optimal use.

AlphaHeat AA Battery Heated Socks

3. Warmthru Rechargeable Heated Socks – STANDARD- Warm-To-The-Bone

it is another best battery heated socks type that features a modular design to allow you easily replace every bit separately. This sock is 100 percent washable, since its heating element is seamlessly removable from the socks fabric. It is powered by rechargeable LI-Ion batteries, with the package including two 3.7V lithium-ion batteries featuring on/off buttons. These batteries last between three and three and half hours when on continuous usage. You can ski, bike, or hike or do any winter outdoor comfortably with these heated socks.

Warmthru Rechargeable Heated Socks

4. Warmawear Battery Heated Socks with Reflective Strip

These are new and better, improved comfortable, wooly socks that help keep your dear feet toasty and stylish during cold season. They feature a concealed battery pouch that is sewn to the socks’ side to ensure no wires are dangling or any battery packs to disturb you. They are cozy, soft socks further featuring a reflective strap that ensures more visibility, and also carbon ceramic element for heating that is highly advanced, that warms your feet gently, and is unobtrusive and slim for optimum comfort.

Warmawear Battery Heated Socks with Reflective Strip

5. Nordic Gear Battery Heated Lectra Sox

When you are out in the extreme cold, keeping your feet warmed and dry is ever achievable with this Lectra Battery-Heated Boot-Style socks by the Nordic Gear Inc. the heated socks have a recessed channel integrated into the toe and leg areas to keep the socks’ heating unit concealed and flush with the socks. For convenient and comfortable dryness, a Hollofil ensures maximum moisture wicking. This type closes the list of the best battery heated socks this year.

Nordic Gear Battery Heated Lectra Sox

Note that that the market is adorned with more heated socks than the above highlighted five types is a fact. Again, note that the above five options remain the best battery heated socks in 2016 reviews above any known other, and they still are affordable. As such, if you are an unstoppable fan of winter events and need the assurance of your feet comfort among other areas, you should get prepared today by buying the best heated socks, best to mean one from the above highlighted five. Customers who have bought and used them before have returned with great, positive, and high rated reviews about them.