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Top 10 Cities That Once Ruled the Ancient World

In ancient times, the human beings used to live their lives without basic facilities and were depending on poor food only. It led us, the humans, to start hunting, and seeking the ways to make our lives easier and convenient. The survival of humans, in those days, was too difficult just because many of the populations were living under the threats of superior powers. Let us check the top 10 cities that once ruled the ancient world.

10. Pataliputra

When Alexander, the Great, took the decision of extending his empire from Greece all around, he focused on the ways of inspiring the local Indian prince, Chandragupta. This was purposed to create an empire of his own. Gradually, the two started suppressing local tribes, and his empire had dominated a big portion of India, Pakistan, and Eastern Afghanistan. This happened in 326 B.C. Thus, Pataliputra became a strong power that had its forces in so many countries.

Cities That Once Ruled the Ancient World

9. Hattusa

In the times of Homer’s Illiad and Odyssey, the Hittite empire was one of the strongest powers. The king Agamemnon of Greek, Hattusa, won many wars and traveled to different lands with the purpose of dominating some more lands during 2400 B.C. Once the Hatti people were defeated, King Hattusili reconstructed this city and founded his own empire. Over the centuries, he and his generations ruled these lands.

Cities That Once Ruled the Ancient World

8. Karakorum

The Mongols had laid the foundation of a separate empire in East Asia. With their herds of horses, these people traveled continent to continent, and defeated many kings of ancient times. When Genghis Khan united all the tribes under his supervision, a large empire was formed, named Karakorum in A.D. 1220.

Cities That Once Ruled the Ancient World

7. Chan Chan

Chan Chan was, in ancient times, one of the major cities of the Chimu kingdom. This entire city was built with tough and long-lasting bricks and expanded its roots in A.D. 1470 when the Inca conquered the Chimu capital. After he defeated the enemies, he started ruling this city and built his own temples and palaces.

Cities That Once Ruled the Ancient World

6. Xi’an

Xi’an is one of the most prominent ancient cities of China. It was the home to many ruling dynasties, including the Han and Qin. Emperor Qin Shi Huang. The country was growing day by day, so one of the kings initiated a war, defeating the rest and started his own power in this city. For many years, he remained in strong power, but finally died. In 8th century, Xi’an’s population started doubling.

Cities That Once Ruled the Ancient World

5. Venice

In 4th century, the Venice was under the power of Western Roman Empire. The whole Europe was in a state of chaos. Germanic tribes, and killers started spreading all over, and killed people for no reasons. This led the environment to become very sad and full of fear. For many years, Venice remained under the supervision of Western Roman Empire. With no option left with, the Italians lived miserable lives.

Cities That Once Ruled the Ancient World

4. Palembang

Palembang is situated on the island of Sumatra. This has been known to be a prime city for traders. One of them, the Indian Ocean Trade had deep connections with African traders. They did business together on a large scale. With the exception of several incidents of piracy, the trading system got disturbed, and a third party came forward to fill the gap. The Srivijaia Empire remained in dominance here from 7th to 13th century.

Cities That Once Ruled the Ancient World

3. Eridu

Eridu is regarded as the very first city founded by human beings. It is definitely one of the oldest and big cities, founded in 5400 B.C. near the banks of the Euphrates River in Southeastern Iraq. There was a man named Tagtug the Weaver who got punishment here, according to a story. For one of the reasons, this city remained under the rule of a strict king, just for the reason that the people believed that the soul of Tagtug will kill them if they’re left alone.

Cities That Once Ruled the Ancient World

2. Thebes

Ancient Egypt is one of the major sources of inspiration. The civilization of Thebes, situated along the Nile River in Northeastern Africa, saw many ups and downs. For many years, the government ruled here, following the empire of a king. The people were forced to live under extreme threat of being killed, in case they don’t follow the governmental rules.

Cities That Once Ruled the Ancient World

1. Great Zimbabwe

The African continent is the birthplace of humanity. The Great Zimbabwe has been a historical city, with a diversity of cultural and traditional values. Unfortunately, the people here didn’t get the chance to grow by their own, as they remained under a strict ruler. According to sources, this city’s king ruled more than 100 cities worldwide simultaneously.

Cities That Once Ruled the Ancient World

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