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Top 10 Most Beautiful Wedding Places in the World

Wedding is one of the toughest yet special moments of a person’s life. We get ready to enter a new life with new hopes and intend to have lots of happiness. It connects not only the groom and bride, but also the two families with each other. The charismatic arrangements are made on wedding to make sure that this day becomes memorable for the love birds.

Here are the top 10 most beautiful wedding places in the world.

10. Aruba

Beautiful Wedding Places

If you’re looking to set the arrangements in a tropical region, consider Aruba. This is a highly remarkable wedding place and honeymoon destination. The Aruba Island lies in the shiny and clean blue waters of South Caribbean and below the clatter belt. It always attracts the tourists from all parts of the world, and is a perfect wedding venue; as the land is lesser populated. The incredible beaches, sun shades, scenic views, white-sand, and restaurants make it a friendly place.

9. Dominican Republic

Beautiful Wedding Places

Dominican Republic is an everlasting preference for Canadian sun searchers. This is a well known resort of Punta Cana. Here you will be facilitated with lots of things like astounding scenes, gorgeous wedding halls and romantic ambiance to add value to your wedding days. Every area of Dominican Republic is beautiful and ideal for arranging marriages.

8. Legion of Honor, San Francisco

Beautiful Wedding Places

Legion of Honor is in San Francisco. It is set at the top of the hill and is a worth see natural point, having the river that spills on the San Francisco Bay. This is a great wedding spot. If you want to make your wedding memorable, then this is the destination. Legion of Honor is a part of Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, with numerous European collections mainly of France.

7. Rocky Resort, Koh Samui, Thailand

Beautiful Wedding Places


Rockey Resort of Thailand is not less than a dream comes true. It is a paradise for love birds to arrange their weddings. In ancient times, the weddings of rulers used to be conducted here. Its Buddhist monks on a solitary and sequestered beach will certainly make your wedding an unforgettable experience. Traditional Thai dance is what you can serve your guests with.

6. The Lighthouse, Ohio

Beautiful Wedding Places

If you’ve hundred or two hundred guests to invite, then Lighthouse in Ohio is an ideal wedding place. It has over 60 rooms with the beautiful scenery of waterfront, and is situated on the East-shore of marble head, Ohio. Situated only few minutes from the Cedar point Amusement park, East Harbor State park and Marble head shopping mall; Lighthouse is easily approachable.

5. Dalhousie Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

Beautiful Wedding Places

It is always very special to arrange marriages in castles. Have fun to get it done at Dalhousie Castle in Scotland. Once your wedding day arrives, you both will feel like a royal couple. This is might be the reason that celebrities like Madonna, Pierce Brosnan and Paul McCartney got married in castles. This is the only affordable castle where wedding can be arranged, because most of others in the world might cross your budget. Dalhousie is ideal for romantic travels, and has 14 well-furnished bedrooms.

4. Tandjung Sari Resort, Indonesia

Beautiful Wedding Places

Tandjung Sari Resort in Indonesia offers you the peaceful treat close to the Sanur Beach. The resort remains full with the tourists, especially the honeymoon couples. Its overall environment is quite ideal for arranging marriages. Here you are offered with national and international dishes, open-air environment, Balinese dance performance, and lots of other activities on the wedding day.

3. Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Beautiful Wedding Places

Brooklyn Botanic Garden is actually an oasis of flowers and trees, and is a perfect place for wedding couples. The environment is very pleasant, with no strict rules to follow by the management. Its award winning arrangements with both indoor and outdoor ceremony facilities will make your moments very special. Here more than 300 guests can be accommodated at a time.

2. Kahala Hotel and Resort, Hawaii

Beautiful Wedding Places

Kahala Hotel and Resort of Hawaii is the perfect place to glorify the beginning of your wedding life. Kahala Restaurant is a gorgeous and charming place that helps you arrange the wedding like a dreamy ceremony. Here the decorations are done with flowers and chokers that are a part of traditional Hawaii weddings.

1. Starship Resort, Sydney

Beautiful Wedding Places

Starship Sydney will start defining your romance from the very first day of wedding. Starship Resort in Sydney is a great place with perfect guest arrangements within your budget and dinning plans. Here you can enjoy both private and lavish-styled weddings—whatever suits you the most. The resort will certainly add value and adventure to the ceremony.