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Top 10 Best Universities of UK in 2015

Education is the only way for us to survive in this world. A person without qualifications has no professional opportunities, thus he cannot compete the world for making his distinctive position. Today all the nations know the value and significance of education, and this is why the annual budgets and investment plans are planned in a way that they can favor the educational systems more and more. If you are curious to know about top 10 best universities of UK in 2015, then here is the updated list.

Best Universities of UK

10. University of Exeter

University of Exeter is doubtlessly a reputed institution of UK, situated in South West England. This public sector university offers various perspective graduate, post-graduate and doctorate courses to the students. Seeking admission at Exeter will require you to score at least 70 % in the entry test. The courses are offered in various subjects like Humanities, English, Science, Engineering, Religious Studies and many others.

University of Exeter

9. University of Bath

University of Bath is situated in Bath, UK. With more than 5 million students enrolled, Bath aims to offer the courses as per the international curriculum standards. National Student Survey conducted in 2013 reveals that Bath is a high ranked UK institution offering variety of educational programs and research facilities to the students.

University of Bath

8. University of Warwick

This public sector research University is situated in Coventry, England and operating since 1967. Whether it is a matter of obtaining a medical degree or getting an MBA, the national and international students give Warwick a high preference. The programs offered here are not only of good standards but also affordable. The needy students can get facilitated with fee installment plans so that they can carry on their education.

University of Warwick

7. University College London

University College London (called UCL) is a reputable and one of the oldest public sector universities of England. The students, regardless of their religions or caste differences, can seek admission at UCL on the basis of their educational background, but the entry test is not going to be too easy so be prepared. UCL’s foundation was laid down in 1836, and with the passage of time, different schools and departments were added to its current campus.

University College London

6. University of St Andrews

University of St Andrews was established during 1410-13 in Scotland. We can, thus name it the third oldest university in the world, Oxford and Cambridge being the first and second respectively. With the passage of time, St Andrews focused more and more on providing quality education to the students in various subjects like history, religious studies, medical sciences and others. The students from all parts of the world are enthusiastic for seeking admission here, but this is only possible if you score well in the pre-entry tests.

University of St Andrews

5. University of Durham

University of Durham is based in Durham, Northeast England. This collegiate university was established in 1832 and attained the Royal Charter by 1837. The variety of programs offered at this university can be availed both on-campus and off-campus basis. The international students willing to seek admission at Durham University can even get enrolled in its distance learning programs. The courses offered here include history, business, English, humanities and other research-based programs.

University of Durham

4. Imperial College London

Imperial College London is situated in the heart of London, so getting to its campus from different parts of the city is just a few minutes ride away. The students from different parts of the world and from England itself dire for admission at this university’s different degree programs can apply online. Although Imperial College was built years ago, but it took the form of a federal university during 2007. Maintaining the quality education and research program facilities for the students has always been a focus of this reputed institution.

Imperial College London

3. London School of Economics

London School of Economics (LSE) offers specialized programs in business studies, social sciences, math, statistics and history etc. This public sector university was built in 1895. The credit for laying down its foundation goes to Fabian Society. In those times, this was a small college offering limited number of course, but by 1902 LCE became a degree awarding university and expanded its campus area as well so that more and more students can come and enjoy world class educational and research facilities.

London School of Economics

2. University of Oxford

Oxford is a collegiate university, based in Oxford UK. The foundation of this university was laid in 1096, thus we can say its an ancient yet wonderful and high ranked university of the world. Oxford started growing rapidly in the Henry II (1167) times and since then it became a chartered and well-known institution across the globe. The Oxford allows hundreds of students to seek admission in its different science, business, engineering and medical schools, but strictly on merit basis.

University of Oxford

1. University of Cambridge

Cambridge has taken the first position in the list of top 10 best universities of UK in 2015. This collegiate public university was founded in 1209. Basically Cambridge’s current infrastructure is the result of 31 constituent colleges and educational departments, which merged and took the form of one institution. Cambridge is currently offering more than 2000 courses to its millions of enrolled students.

University of Cambridge

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