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Top 10 Best Ways How to Get Strong Fast

Getting strong and physically active is what we all want. Different people adapt different ways to become stronger and mentally capable. Among those so many ways that promise to keep you fit and strong, the ones are the best which can connect us directly to the nature. Let us check out the top 10 best ways how to get strong fast 2014.

10. Adapt the Workout Routine

People begin with splits workouts at the beginning. Olympic-tier workouts that burn them out before they even finish the month. It might’ve been given to you by your PT or something that you got out of an article, magazine, or a YouTube video. A body split and a fully body workout can make a lot of difference for beginners.

How to Get Strong Fast


9. Grow Yourself like a Beginner

There are a lot of reasons for this, but the first thing you need to know is that a beginner grows strong fast and their muscles adapt to the stress quickly. The best tool in a gym a beginner can use is the barbell. You should try to grow yourself like a beginner.

How to Get Strong Fast

8. Take Advantage of Adaptability

Our objective here should be to take advantage of that adaptability. So, basically at the first 4 months it’s “strength > body”. Our bodies attain a lot of strength through low repetitions. Hypertrophy or making your body look jacked can be attained through 10-12 repetitions per set of lifting. Doesn’t that sound familiar? But, the lower your body’s strength foundation or overall strength is, the harder it is to get really jacked.

How to Get Strong Fast


7. Start Taking Risks

You just don’t have the ability to lift high weights for 10-12 repetitions. These low repetition exercises are best used with compound exercises. Evolution dictates that your body should use a lot of muscles when lifting objects; which is the opposite of curling dumbbells on the squat rack.

How to Get Strong Fast

6. Exercises to be Done Daily

Your exercises per day would compromise of compound exercises like the Squat, OHP (Overhead Press), Bench Press, and the Deadlift rather than isolation exercises. These exercises will tire you and make you feel sore the next day. I promise you that.

How to Get Strong Fast

5. Do Exercises in Non-Consecutive Days

These exercises should ideally be done on 3 non-consecutive days within the way and in the order it was written. You are however, required to to alternate OHP and Bench Press. Ideally, at least 3 rep and 5 sets of each exercises will work. You’re looking to acquire a consistent workout rather than burning yourself out. It is acceptable to add 2 more reps as long as it consistent. Add more repetitions or sets to the workout and you’ll a whole different workout goal.

How to Get Strong Fast

4. Machines or Free Weights?

Machines are the beginner’s favorite on the gym. Hell, I’ve even had PT’s tell me to use the machine first, even though I’m a perfectly healthy young male! It’s often attractive to beginners because it’s less intimidating, and may seem “safer”. That’s why you’ll hear a lot of excuses or ideas that they’ll use the machines first before using the barbell.

How to Get Strong Fast


3. Keep Yourself Stable

It makes you be unable to maximize the strength increase your body could get. Using a barbell helps you stabilize the weights yourself. A machine balances the weight for you and without it, the number of muscles you use increases. If you fear injuries from using the barbell or for your general safety, a good form can help you prevent injuries. You can learn weight lifting form through low weights. You can find a lot of resources about weight lifting form online. I find Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe a great book that teaches you the basics of weight training. Once you’ve gotten a good grasp on what the form should be about, it’s a great idea to get someone to take a video your lifts. You can ask bodybuilding forums for criticism to improve your form.

How to Get Strong Fast

2. How Much Should I Add Weight?

You’ll be able to increase the weight every workout as a beginner. As a beginner, you’ll get strong real quick. You’ll get addicted to adding weights and learning more about fitness. And if you don’t allow your ego to take over, you’ll be able to reach intermediate level within a year. The best way to determine your first 3×5 set is to warm up with the bar and gradually increase the weight until your lift speed decreases.

How to Get Strong Fast

1. Know Your Weight

For young males that weigh between 150-200 lbs., deadlifts can move up 15-20 lbs. per workout, squats 10-15 lbs., with continued steady progress for 3-4 weeks before slowing down to half that rate. Bench presses, presses, and cleans can move up 5-10 lbs. per workout, with progress on these exercises slowing down to 2.5-5 lbs. per workout after only 2-3 weeks. Young women make progress on the squat and the deadlift at about the same rate, adjusted for bodyweight, but much slower on the press, the bench press, cleans, and assistance exercises.

How to Get Strong Fast

What do you do to stay active? Let us know!