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Top 10 Greatest Satirists in History

Satire is a great form of humor, holding people and societies together. Good satire offers a lot of chances of getting inspired. Here are the top 10 greatest satirists in history.

Greatest Satirists in History

10. Erasmus

Erasmus remained on our minds for many years. Erasmus is considered to be the founder of the reformation, famed for his learned collections and great biblical texts. He has always inspired us in a lot of ways.

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9. Swift

It is said that eleven thousand persons suffered from death rather than breaking their eggs. Swift is a remarkable satirist of the history. Jonathan Swift is best known today for Gulliver’s Travels, and his writings are simply the best. What do you feel?


8. Voltaire

Voltaire is one of the greatest satirists in history. It is one of the wittiest men in an age of wits. The quality of this satirist has been superb and top notch. Pangloss has explained a lot about it.


7. Ambrose Bierce

Ambrose Bierce is another fantastic satire you must know about. He has divided opinion on his merits. I cannot call him vulgar like many other people, but he is simply unique. What do you feel?

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Ambrose Bierce

6. Orwell

It is said that all animals are equal, but some are certainly prominent. The theory of communism is alluring. George Orwell, the product of an upper-middle class background and Eton, has been one of the greatest satirists in history. He was a keen observer.


5. Matt Stone and Trey Parker

Matt Stone and Trey Parker are among the best satirists. Both have worked for creating great satiric force. South Park has set its satiric sights.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker

4. Aristophanes

Aristophanes is one of the finest satirists ever. Classical Athens was a deeply political city. It has much to talk about special events, religious values, and festivals of the world.

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3. Plato

Plato is another great and top notch satirist. This young man used to write dramas, and had much interest in philosophy and theories.


2. Juvenal

Juvenal is another satirist to talk about. Like Athens, Juvenal is not to be missed. The style of this satirist has always been unique. Do you know about Juvenal?


1. Chaucer

Chaucer is one of the greatest satirists in history. Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales has been a top notch poem of English. It offers us an insight of the medieval mind and the social situation of a wide slice of society.

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